All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


41. Cause I'm not (unedited chapter)

"You did WHAT?" I clamp my hand over Eleanor's mouth in an effort to shut her up. "Would you shut it." I slowly remove my hands from Eleanor's mouth and she just grins. "I knew you two were going to end up together." I roll my eyes, laying back on Eleanor's couch. "Everyone knows it too." "And who is everyone?" Eleanor makes her thinking face before speaking. "It's actually split down the middle. Me, Louis, Luke, Ashton and Sophia think you and Harry are going to date. While Perrie, Zayn, Liam , calum and Michael are rooting for you and Niall to et back together." 

I rub my temples and groan. "How doses every one already have their minds made up and I hardly have my mine made up? And Sophia doesn't even know anything about any of us! " Eleanor shrugs at my question. "But she knows you and Harry look adorable together. Plus you gave the boy a hand job, you two are not just friends any more. " I widen my eyes and jump on Eleanor, crushing her petite frame. "Will you shut up! He's right in the other room." "I'm assuming you're talking about me and I am now in this room." I snap my head up at Louis and he walks up to me, swinging me over his shoulder. "Well you know what happens when you assume things Louis." Louis places me on the love seat before helping Eleanor to her feet. "Oh I'm going to miss taking you on that couch." I look down at the couch I'm laying on and instantly jump from it. "You two should really use one of these bed rooms instead of a couch that company sits on." Eleanor laughs before kissing Louis. I make playful gagging noises at the two. "You two make me sick." Louis tugs on Eleanor's lip before letting it snap back in place. "I love you and I am going to miss you. " I watch as the two lovers hold on to each other for dear life. 

Harry walks into the room and stares at Eleanor and Louis. He smiles and shakes is head. "We're gonna be late for our plane Lou." Louis finally lets go of Eleanor and places a kiss on her forehead. I walk over to Harry and pull him on a hug from behind as he slips on his boots. I rest my cheek on his back and sigh. "I'm gonna miss you hair bear." Harry turns around and brings me to his chest. "Only for a week. And I left you in good hands." I laugh at Harry, if anything I'm probably going to help Eleanor through this week more than myself. "Yeah yeah." Harry leans down and gives me a peck on the lips. "I packed some of my shirts in your bag, I know how much you love them." My face flushes and I let a small thank you out. He chuckles at my shyness and hugs me. 

I hear Louis clear his throat and I burry my head in the crook of Harry's neck. "Louis is being an ass again." Louis laughs before prying me off of Harry. "See you girls in a week." Me and Eleanor wave at the boys as they exit. As soon as the shuts Eleanor punches me on the shoulder. "Owwww?" I rub my shoulder vigorously and Eleanor smiles. "That's what you get for not being with him." "Didn't you need my help with some chemistry work?" I was absolute shit at chemistry but I would rather be doing that then talking about this any further. Eleanor jumps on my back while pointing to the den. "Onward trusty steed." 
"For the millionth time El, to find how many moles that are in the compound you divide by the molar mass and times it by 6.02." "I want pizza, do you want pizza? " I groan and nod my head. I've helped Eleanor with her homework for the past five hours, a break was much needed. "Get me pepperoni." Eleanor nods her head before disappearing in her room. 

Said her name was Georgia Rose 
And her daddy was a dentist 
Said I had a dirty mouth 
But she kissed me like she meant it 

I pull my phone out of my pocket and look at the screen that reads New York, USA. Have the boys landed already? 

"Hello?" "When were you going to tell me you were seeing Harry." I look back down at my phone in horror. "Mom?" "Why yes, did you think you could dodge me forever." 

Well not forever. Just until I was married and having my second child. I haven't spoken to my mom since I just turned 16 and refused to move back to America with her and my dad. She may or may not have called me a disgrace and said I would crash and burn within the first 6 months of being on my own. I'm pretty sure she has disagreed with absolutely everything I've done in the past year and a half.

"W-well no but it's a bit of a surprise? I thought you and dad would have moved out of the city by now." "Don't be stupid Kimberly, your father and I still have to work. Now, as I was saying earlier, when did you and Harry start dating? Were you planning on telling me that you are  basically dating your brother? And then you were so irresponsible and rude, you came to New York on tour with them and didn't even ring me or your father! And don't you have school or a job, how can you just up and go on tour with them? " I mute the phone as my mom contuines talking and I let out an aggravated scream. I unmute the phone and cut my mom off right in the middle of her sentence. 

"Mom was their a point to this phone call?" "I don't know who you're getting snippy with but yes there is. I'm inviting you and your little friends over for dinner." No no and no. "I would mom but I can't. I'm in London and the boys are busy this whole week so I doubt they will be able to make it." My mom sighs and I mentally wipe a bead of sweat from my forehead. 

"I thought you would try and get out of facing me so I called Harry." Crap. "He said he would be delighted to come with the boys and he has already booked you and your little friend you're always with a ticket for Saturday. I'm guessing you'll fly back to London with them, I don't know." "How, thoughtful of Harry." I smack the palm of hand on my forehead repeatedly." How did you get his number in the first place?" "Anne of course. Now I have to go but I will see you in a few days." With that my mom hangs up and I let the phone slip from my hands onto the carpeted floor. 

"Pizza will be here in 35 minutes. Woah Kim are you ok?" Eleanor walks over to me and picks up my phone, placing it on the table. She waves her hands in my face until I focus my attention on her. "Are you ready to go to New York with me where we will be having dinner with my over the top parents, my ex-boyfriend and my possible current boyfriend?" Eleanor raises her eyebrow at my rhetorical question. "Cause I'm not." 

A/N: I didn't die guys lol. Don't know when this story reached 1k but that's mental, thank you so much. 

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