All or Nothing

Kim is just a typical teenage girl. Who happens to be Best Friends with One Direction. As she falls for the beautiful blonde haired boy, drama is constantly being thrown her way, People are hurt, relationships are broken and friendships are destroyed. Kim finally realizes that shes gotta give it her all or walk away with nothing.

*On hiatus because it's so carroty I cringe*


1. Tricky Number

"Oi babe. Why don't you come over and hand me a sec? I mean hang a sec." I grip my cup tighter as Niall throws back a pint and laughs with all the girls. Niall James Horan was the reason for my sexual frustration. The Ireland cutie was adorable - until he fixed his teeth and started working out. Now every girl wanted him but I wanted him first.

"Niall babe, I heard American girls were slow of tongue." All the girls giggle but Niall just smirks.

I hate when he did that.

The blonde girl that had made the comment was now nibbling on Niall's ear and I snorted , slamming my cup down a little harder then I meant. The drink splashes all over the wooden table and the girl jumps off of Niall from fright. I smile a little, knowing that I stopped her from feeling him up , but quickly stopped when Niall looked at me with a smirk. He knew I wanted him.

"Woah babe, if this table is damaged in anyway, Eleanor will damage me!" I laugh at Louis' comment and get up to go to the kitchen. A red head tries to trip me as I pass her and I hold up my fist. A husky voice shouts above me cursing. "Ohhhhh kay, why don't we find some towels for this mess."

Harry lifts me up and carries me towards  the kitchen, me kicking the whole time. "Put.Me.Down.Styles." We reach the kitchen and Harry puts me down. "Are you trying to kill someone Kim?" Possibly." He shakes his perfect messy curls at my response. I get on my tip-toes as I pick some confetti from his hair that didn't fall out. He shakes his hair again and says thanks.

Me and Harry have been best friends since I was about seven and he was ten. He tried to pull up my skirt when I first moved to England because of my parents jobs and the rest is history. He was always such a flirt but his dark curls, green eyes and dimples didn't faze me. Ok maybe a little but we were way to close and I told him everything.

"Why does he do this to me?" I pace the floor while I open and shut cabinets, looking for a towel.  "All of those girls are the biggest whores in town." "Yeah but they are hot." I glare at Harry and he shrugs his shoulders. "Okay maybe not the best comment. Sorry." I swat his arm and tell him it was okay. I wasn't adorable like most girls. I loved making people laugh and I was seen as one of the guys. They called me lank because I was tall and well, lanky. I had short poop brown hair and eyes to match. The only things that saved me was my legs. And I mean that's the only thing.

"You know you want to shag him." I hit Harry's arm harder this time and he let's out an "Owwww." I sigh because it was true, I did really like Niall.

"Oi, you ok?" I turn around to see Niall's bright blue eyes looking at me. "Fuck off Horan." He laughs. Why the hell was he laughing.  "What's so funny?" I'm surprised with the edge in my voice.  "That such nasty words come out such a pretty mouth. Do dirty things  ever go in?" I felt my cheeks getting hot as Niall winked.  "Well I have to go and work on a brunet." Harry goes and leaves the kitchen, making thrusting gestures as he exits. Only Harry would.  

"So, are ya coming with us to America?" He steps closer and I can smell the alcohol on his breath. I find drinking a turn off but on Niall I found  it hot.  " Hmmmm. Maybe, who wants to know." I try to take a step towards Niall in an alluring manner but I trip over my wedges and fall into his arms. Great job, klutz, I think to myself. "Ya sure you weren't drinking?" The alcohol was strong on him and he smelled so good. If I could only taste his lips.

"Harharhar." I scramble to my feet, Niall's arms still around me. "You can let go now." He blushes a bit then releases his grip on my arm. Damn, I love when he blushes. "You should come with us." Niall snaps my trance and I say I'll think about it. "Who's in here?"  I hear Eleanor close the door behind her. She comes in the kitchen and squeals as she sees me, running up to give me a hug. "You look amazing love!" she peers past me and eyes Niall. "Hey Niall." "Hey El." He gives her a hug then turns to me. "Let me know by the end of the night so I can tell the managers."  Niall leaves the kitchen, wiggling his cute butt adorably. "

What was all that about, huh?" Eleanor bumps me with her elbow and I laugh. "He invited me to the tour. Harry did too but I think I will go." "Eeeeepppp. Going to get a little one on one action?" Eleanor winks and I shake my head no. "He always has bitches around him. Speaking of bitches, I think I messed up your table. I was just upset and urgh." "It's fine, Louis will just buy me another one. And you know what I say, bitches ain't shit..." "But hoes and tricks." I say finishing El's favorite saying. "Wheres Louis? I want to see him wet his pants at the sight of me." I laugh and lock arms with her as we walk into the living room. Niall was not with all the whores, but talking to Zayn and Liam. Harry was taking care of Niall's job.  I roll my eyes but am glad to see no girls on Niall. El sees Louis and runs in his arms. Louis kisses her and she raps her legs around him. He starts kissing on her neck and we all clap at the show. Louis takes El up stairs yelling" I don't care what you all do, as long as you don't come up stairs. " Harry howls and we hear the doors close. "Louis going to get some." Zayn woots. "Let's play spin the bottle." he suggests. All the whores scream in agreement but me and Liam just stay still. "Well I'm not playing. I got to stay faithful." All the guys, and some of the girls, boo. Liam just sits on the couch and grabs a magazine.

"What about you, lank?" I really wished Harry would stop calling me that in front of the people. "I don't know......" "Come on brown eyes." I roll my eyes at Niall but finally agree. He has to be piss drunk if he made a comment like that.  We all sit in a rather  large circle, the girls way out numbering the boys. "The rules are the same. An opened mouth kiss lasting for 15 secs. If you land on the sme sex, 10 secs. We ready? I'll go first"  Harry spins the bottle and it just misses me, landing on a blonde  on my right. All the group break out into a chorus of ohhs as Harry grabs the blonde and starts snogging her. We all count down from 15 and as we reach 1, Harry pulls away. The blonde pouts and Harry gives her a peck before he sits back in his spot. The guys woot like pigs, even Liam lets out a giggle. "It's my turnnnn." The red head who tried to trips bounces up and down with giddy and spins the bottle. I feel bad for the sucker who had to kiss her I think to myself. I kind of zone out until the group breaks into another outburst of oohs.

I turn to see who was the sap who has to kiss her and my mouth falls open to see the bottle pointing at me. I shake my head no. "No no no." "Come on lank, you scared?" The red head smiles and lifts up."You touch me red and I will slap the fucking red dye off your hair." The group boos me and I shrugged. I lift up to go over to her. "You really kiss me and I will kill you." I whisper to her. I take her long hair and use it as a shield as I get really close to her to make it look like I'm kissing her. The group boos louder but I didn't care. The counted down from 10' and when they get to one I let go of her hair and go back to my seat.  

Niall was next and I hope it will land on me. Niall finishes another beer and uses that bottle as the new bottle. The bottle spins and spins but since fate hates me, it lands on  the blonde Harry got earlier. Everyone oohs and Niall breaks into a cheeky grin on his face and goes to the blonde.  

He gets centimeters from her and it's pain watching.He goes in closer but does something no one expects. He kisses me.  He is kissing on me. He smashes his warm lips onto mine and then opens his mouth. We are now playing wrestle with our tongues. He climbs on top of me and the group throws popcorn at us. "Go get a room." Niall flips Harry the bird but gets up and drags me to the bathroom.

He goes in and locks the door. He starts pulling down my pants kissing me. "Niall. Stop."  I swat his hand away and he tries again. I pull away seeing a hint of hurt in his eyes. "Ya don't want me?" I kiss Niall gently and reinsure him that I like him. "What's the matter then?" His words were one big slur. I giggle, "You are piss drunk Niall." He laughs a little. It stops when I reach for the knob. He grabs my hand and looks at me muttering one word "Stay." I nod and lead him to the tub. I take off my wedges and lay on top of him, his chest rising and falling. He smelled like mint. "Niall,sing to me." He nods and starts singing the a-team. I put my head into his neck to inhale his scent. He wrapped his arms around me and I fell asleep to the last chorus. 

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