Even the Mighty May Fall

A being shrouded with mystery and myths wants to proove to the realm of Gleinor that he is the supreme being, and the only thing stopping him of his goal are the dreaded Dragonkin.


1. The End Calls

The vast space surrounding them left the Raptor in awe, but he had no time for distractions, he had to finish what he came for, to stop Nomad destroying the realm with his new machine.

"Why won't you just give up, you can never stop me with your primitive armour and weapons" stated Nomad.

However the Raptor said nothing as he strode towards Nomad perched upon his so called throne.

With a weary sigh nomad arose from his thrown muttering to him self in a hushed voice "Looks like I'll have to dispatch of you myself". With a quick flick of his staff Nomad conjured a powerful electrical blast at The Raptor, but to no avail. "But how, how is it possible that you are still standing?!" Nomad exclaimed in a startled voice.

"My armour was crafted from a meteor that fell from the sky in the first age, it was buried until it was discovered by my ancestors who smuggled it away from Zaros and his army, and so this armour has been passed down generation by generation, and I shall use this power to rid the world of you and your unholy creations!"

No sooner had the Raptor finished his sentence he equipped his flail, the heavy metal spike smashed into the floor cracking it and leaving a dent, still approaching Nomad.

Alarmed Nomad decided enough was enough as he wielded his staff, "You still think you can defeat me? What about four of me?" And with a smirk Nomad vanished into thin air, only to reappear around the Raptor with his 3 copies.

"Party Pete would love your little party trick, but i have no time for your games" Yelled the Raptor as he leapt into the air, swinging his flail high above his head only to land a sundering a blow onto the real Nomad who barely managed to defend himself with his staff which was shattered into a thousand pieces.

"You fool! You have doomed us all, the staff was the key to my machine, now no-one can control my machine!"

"I didn't come here to control your petty machine, i came to destroy it" And with that the Raptor swung his head wildly around his head smashing the surrounding pillars and flinging it into the roaring machine. The flail smashed into the main chamber of the machine sending sparks everywhere as the machines mechanisms were smashed into smithereenes.

However the Raptor could hear and feel a low rumbling erupting from the earth, he knew he had overstayed his welcome but as he reached to grab his flail he was struck down by a huge bolt of energy. "Never have i felt such a blow" thought the Raptor, as he looked down to inspect his plate body he noticed a huge hole in his armour, he knew only one person in the real of Gleinor could fix armour as rare as this, and with that he stumbled to his feet, grabbed his flail from the broken machine and leapt into the air to escape the destruction of Nomads lair.



As the Raptor entered the grand dwarven city of Keldagrim a sudden hush swept over the streets of the usually bustling city, citizens and strangers alike stepped out of the way to allow the Raptor to reach his destination, probably better for their well being if they didn't stop him go amongst his business. As he reached the old familiar iron door of the house he noticed that it was ajar, pushing it open he strode in only to hear an old voice..

"Why are you here..." said the voice.

"I need a favour, and your the only person who can help me" stated the Raptor

"Why won't you leave me and my people alone? I came here to live in peace but i guess that seems inpossible..." came the reply.  "Very well, what is it that you require from me?" said the dwarf.

"I need you to fix my armour." Said the Raptor in a harsh voice as he placed his damaged platebody onto the table infront of him.

"I thought i told you never to find me again, you know that i don't like what you do" replied Doric

"Can you fix it or not." came the response.

"It is impossible" retorted Doric, there is no metal like this in the realm..but there were rumours that some remained..no..it is foolish to even think of it."

"What is this place you speak of? demanded the Raptor.

With a sigh Doric steadied himself as he arise from his stool, the Raptor noticed his hand shaking slightly.

"The place of which i speak is located at the most northen point of the wilderness and near the God Wars, but i advise you for your own good dont even dare set foot near that land for they are watching, always watching" Doric said nervously as he looked around himself as if he were being watched.

"Who are they?" said the Raptor with a hint of uncertinty in his voice.

"The Dragonkin."


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