Scars and stitches

For the while I think I'm gonna focus on three (yes this is the third) completely different stories so I have choice and range. :) Well read away ;) The title says all...


3. Amelie - Facing the boy

'Amelie...' The dark whispers approach her small ears. 'I have a task. A boy named Alex is to be found. The stitches will take you to him then you must take him from his room. Understand?' The mysterious voice of the man who changed Amelie forever, scares her ears.

'...Yes.' The stitches force. Then her feet move forward. Unwillingly, she moves forward. And then the stitches force her into a run. And she sprints faster than before the fire, higher stamina too. She moves like the wind.

And before she knows it, she's climbing a building. And she's peering through the window of a boy. Alex. He is fast asleep with a red as blood blanket over him. One patch is white which makes Amelie wonder, why only one patch?

She forces the window open with her hands and climbs in. Some pills are next to the boy, in an open bedside draw. Sleeping pills. It will be hard to wake him which makes the task all the easier. Amelie reaches out and picks him up. She doesn't want to do any of this but is forced. She sees how innocent he looks, and how his life will be changed forever by one evil guy.

Then she climbs down the building and is greeted by the one evil guy.


'N... Nooo...' She stutters.

'God, the stitches are loosening. Come here.' The man says. Amelie starts to walk to him but then sees the boy.

'No.' She doesn't stutter this time. The man gets out a gun. 

'I'll shoot you.' Amelie looks to the ground.

'I have no life to live anyway. Shoot me.' Then the boys eyes open. Obviously the sleeping pills aren't very effective ones.

'Run.' Amelie whispers as she puts him onto his feet. 'Run for your life. I am controlled by the stitches but you, my friend can be free.' She whispers to him as the stitches move her closer to the man.

'What?' The boy is more confused than scared.

'Just run!' The guy aims the gun at the boy. 

'Run and you too, are dead.' 

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