Scars and stitches

For the while I think I'm gonna focus on three (yes this is the third) completely different stories so I have choice and range. :) Well read away ;) The title says all...


2. Alex - Trying to sleep

His hands flicker through the pages, some words he doesn't understand but is learning, others he knows well. 'Lights out Alex!' His mum yells. She tries to help him because his dad is horrible. Scars cover Alex's body from when the knife was against his skin. Usually abusive parents punch and slap but not Alex's dad- he gets a knife and cuts Alex's flesh; Alex has to apply his mum's make-up (which is embarrassing at school because his friends tease him about it but he can't tell the truth, his mum tells him not to and he listens to every word) to cover it up. 

He quickly stuffs the book under his small single bed and turns out the light.

'When I come up you better be asleep!' His dad yells. Alex shuts his eyes and tries to fall asleep, worry filling his mind. The marching footsteps of his dad hit his ear. Then the door swings open and he comes in. 

'Let me test if you are asleep.' His dad slaps Alex. Alex tries to contain it but ends up screeching out in pain. 'I knew it!' Then Alex opens his eyes and the knife comes down his arm. A long cut shows as Alex lets a single tear slip out of his eye. 

'Now sleep or more.' His dad commands. Alex nods and gets out his emergency sleeping pills as his dad leaves. He quickly puts a few down his throat and lays down, hoping to get to sleep. And he succeeds.

After a while.

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