Scars and stitches

For the while I think I'm gonna focus on three (yes this is the third) completely different stories so I have choice and range. :) Well read away ;) The title says all...


1. Amelie - How she got saved

It is the black, seductive night that forces her to follow the starry sky. Her head is aching, unwillingly she reaches for it and snaps it straight. The snap is as rough as when your hands are tied together, only the rope burns when you lay in the bottomless pit of fire. She experienced that fire, she was in it but lived on. How? Through the scars she used what strength she had left to haul herself to the side of the fire but still, up was far away. So, she accomplished this task by a simple scream. But watch who saves you for she was saved by the man that made her stitches, made them go inside her brain; made them control her. 

She was an ordinary girl until he saved her from the fire. He asked her one question in all importance whilst she lay, crying for help but what a time to ask for she would do anything to live and that question was:

'Would you do anything if I was to save you?' And to which her reply was:


Then as she felt her fingertips shake and then her gaze met his and that was when he saved her in a way she cannot remember.

But now she walks in the darkness alone, the stitches causing her pain as she walks, giving her worst headaches than someone in hospital; but she can't cry out for help because something within the stitches cause her to be controlled by some force stronger than hers. She cannot even cry inside. The force won't even allow that. 


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