The Fall of Hallowvale

Archeologists of Varrock have uncovered a tale at the Digsite that talks of an adventurer who helped lead the Icyene queen Efaritay out of Hallowvale during the taking of the city by Lord Drakan. Finally, a lost piece of history of what happened during the fall of Hallowvale is now revealed and it shows a story of heroism ,bravery and love.


1. Hallowvale

Hallowvale, magnificent with white arcs and its gleaming white buildings and townsfolk everywhere doing their jobs or selling their wares. With churches everywhere with priests walking about and Icyenes too with their shimmering blue wings and their air of peace and holiness walked with the mortal humans and carried on like an average day. There was a man, who had reddish armor and had a curved red blade to match on his back. Anyone could see he was a warrior with his large torso and his burly arms. He was thing and tall and looked very nimble. His features masked behind his armor that covered him and his cape that looked like fire itself. He walked briskly to the castle passing Icyenes and men alike in the wide cobblestone streets of Hallowvale. Into view was a large white wall that showed the edges of the beautiful castle. The stone here was different than the rest of the white city, but was rather light golden with an angelic light to it. The towering spirals behind the wall showed a kind of architect beyond mortal comprehension.

                This warrior walked past the main gate of this giant castle with two Icyene guards on either side in radiant armor and large folded wings with large spears in hand. The warrior walked through the courtyard and the courtyard was a garden of such beauty with flowers everywhere and trees and bushes with gardeners everywhere.  A man greeted the warrior and asked for what his business was. He told him that within the hour an army of vampyre will decent on this city and crush it. The man quickly led the warrior through the castle to the King’s chamber and shut the doors behind him.

                The King of this holy city was a man of a zealous look to him how he wore Saradomin symbols all over his stately clothes. He said his name was King Ascertes and asked to the warrior as to why he should trust such a claim. But, next to this zealous king was a most beautiful woman the warrior has ever seen. She was Efaritay, Queen of Icyenes and her angelic blood did nothing, but aid in her graceful beauty. She stared at this warrior in silent judgment as her King question him.

                The warrior finally spoke and told the King that Lord Drakan’s army will be here soon and that spies have already infiltrated the city.  The King told his general next to him to rally the troops immediately and prepare to defend the city. The warrior spoke out and said to not ready the troops, but instead escape by boat and abandon the city. The King baffled by this said, “Why not even fight?” The warrior in a matter-of-fact tone said, “That the vampyre cannot be harmed by normal weapons and that Zamorak aids this army”. The King did not believe and either way began the army and asked the warrior to leave. As the warrior left the castle her grace flew down in front of him in such a awe-struck beauty that the warrior bowed.

                Efaritay believed the warrior and said that we need to save as many people as possible, but before the warrior had time to speak. A war horn was heard within the castle as troops ran into the castle with franticness. The Queen sad said, Oh no my loving husband has been taken!” and the warrior said, “I will save him for you, but we need to work fast.” The Queen said she will distract Lord Drakan and that the warrior shall try to rescue King Ascertes. Another war horn was heard outside the walls this time and soldiers scrambled to defend the walls and a roar within the city was heard as people tried to defend their blessed city.


                The warrior got up and began to run to the castle before the Queen grabbed the warrior and embraced him in a kiss that shook his heart. He looked puzzled at her and she said, “Go” and just like that she flew up in the sky with the rest of the Icyenes as she fought to defend the city. The warrior ran through the hallways and made his way back to the Kings chamber. As he walked in he saw the King tied up and being guarded by ten vampyres. By their feet laid multiple guards of men and Icyene as they moved towards their new target.  The warrior lunged forward and began striking his foe in a frenzy of an attack. In one hand he wielded a flail and in the other a curved sword as he fought against the vampyre. One of the vampyre lunged forward and the warrior turned in time to smack him in the face with the flail; while another vampyre charged from behind the warrior spin around and did a slashing cut with his blade while smacking another vampyre with the flail. The vampyre in circled him as the warrior then rushed forward taking on two more vampyre and quickly defeating them in a small sortie. Then a vampyre attacked him from behind throwing the warrior to his feet before jumping back up and attacking with the flail. He yelled at him and said, “Who wants more??” as he charged forward with wild eye vampyre in front of him.

                Outside the castle the Queen and the Icyenes were fighting off a large scale assault on the castle walls as fires sprang out around the city from battle. Vampyre and Icyene fell as they fought on the walls. But, before long the vampyre had taken the courtyard and were pushing against the defenders as their weapons failed to hurt the vampyre. The queen saw that the battle was lost and told her men to surrender and they threw down their weapons and their wings closed.  Lord Drakan walked to the Queen with an air of aristocratic authority and shadow.

                Inside the King’s chamber vampyre lay dead as the warrior freed the King and told him to follow him out of the castle. They ran quickly as they saw outside the window the surrendering army and the warrior saw the Queen in peril and told the King to go to the escape route alone. The warrior ran down to the courtyard and as he ran out the castle door he saw The Icyene Queen on the ground dying with Lord Drakan staring at him and with a host of a vampyre army. The warrior charged at Lord Drakan screaming as he fought him in one on one combat. But, Lord Drakan shifted like shadows and fought hard as the warrior swung flail and sword desperately at Lord Drakan. As the battle fought on the warrior grew tired and Lord Drakan speed did not stop. But, just then a huge bright light was seen as Efaritay as she rose into the sky and as everyone looked to see her she simply vanished. Lord Drakan looked back and saw that the warrior had disappeared.

                What happened next is unknown, but is said that Queen loved her King greatly and died fighting for him ,but others speculate that this mystery warrior was the queens love come to rescue her and that they escaped together. They say that the warriors name was Ivandis.


- St Artemis7

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