Snow is a girl, that when she was born the first snowdrops of winter dropped. Now when her boyfriend leaves her to go look after his sick mother in Canada, Snow falls in love with another guy. But being inlove with Chris and Ben is trouble... and only one is to be pick. (NOTHING TO DO WITH TWILIGHT!!!!!!)


1. Snow

I look out the window. Nothing is right anymore. I look away, tears forming in my eyes. After Chris left to look after his sick mother, I've been alone. Ben visits me... but we're getting closer and closer and... I'm scared I'll fall for him. I'm with Chris... and I don't love Ben.



I look back to the window, and watch the first snowdrop fall to the ground.


Happy birthday Snow, I whisper, smiling. My whole family will be saying this.


Happy Birthday Snow. Happy Birthday...











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