Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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3. Who could it be?

I clutched the note in my hand, causing the paper to crumple. I closed the door quickly and laid my back on it. What was this, some kind of sick joke? I glanced back at the wilted rose in the box. A memory came flooding back.

“Hey Alex!” Damen said holding my wrist. It was coming to an end of our first date and to be fair, it went pretty well. We spent the evening gazing at the stars, laying in each other’s arms .He dropped me off at home, and before I could go inside, he gripped my wrist preventing me from moving.

“Yes Damen?” I whispered, as he pulled me close to him, our bodies were inches apart. He moved closer to me, removing the thin space between us. I smiled and a blush had made its way to my face. I put my head down hiding it.

“Don’t hide your beautiful face from me.” He said lifting up my chin. I looked into his deep dark eyes. “Tonight was the best night of my life, you know that right?” he asked caressing my cheek. I smiled, my hands slowly made their way around his neck, whilst his hands rested on my waist.

“Tonight was the best night of my life too.” I blushed. Damen seemed happy to hear that, as he brushed his lips over mine. He was doing that on purpose now. Why couldn’t he just kiss me already? I had enough of his teasing and crushed my lips to his. We kissed passionately, as our lips moved in sync. Suddenly he pulled away, leaving me out of breath, pouting at him.

Damen chuckled. I looked at him questioningly. Why did he pull away? He pulled me closer and revealed something that was behind his back. It was the most beautiful rose I had ever seen. The petals were perfect, not one was ruined or slightly bent. The rich red colours caused me to gaze at it in awe.

Damen handing me the rose distracted me. I took it and held it gently in my hands. It felt so light and as soon as I touched it, I felt shivers run down my back. I tore my gaze away from the rose and looked up at Damen. He had the biggest grin on his face.

“This represents our love for each other.” He whispered in my ear. “Always keep it near you.” He said, his lips encountering my ear. His cold breath on my neck made me tense. Suddenly I felt his warm hands on my shoulders, making him crush me into his chest.

“Alex! Get in here!” my brothers voice boomed. I glanced up and saw him looking out of his bedroom window. I chuckled. Damen caught sight of him and let me go.

“Sorry. I have to go.” I said, pulling away and running inside. I shut the door and looked at my pissed off brother, standing halfway down the stairs. I glared at him before pushing past him and made my way to my room. I locked the door and slid my back down.

All the events of the day came back to me. I smiled at how we kissed. I lifted my fingers to where the feeling on my lips lingered. The rose he gave me was beautiful. I looked at my hands, it was gone. Where was it? Oh god, I must have dropped it outside. I ran to my window and searched the lawn. Nothing was there. My heart saddened.

I was taken out of my trance by Niall’s loud laugh. Once again, I glanced at the box in my hands. It was that very same rose. It couldn’t be. How? Damen was locked away in jail, ripped apart from my life forever. Yet, his memories keep coming back. Suddenly I heard footsteps coming towards me, causing me to sprint all the way upstairs.

I ran into my spare room and locked the door behind me. I slid me back against the door and sat on the floor. Who could it be? What did they want with me now? Why couldn’t they just leave me alone? My heart was beating faster and fasters as my breath came out in sobs.

Maybe I should tell someone, but who? Liam? No, he had been through enough with me already. I didn’t want him getting hurt again. Harry? No, he was the closest thing I had to a brother right now, and I needed him. Oh, how I wish my dad and Jake were here. That’s when I remembered the note.

‘I’m watching. Don’t tell anyone.’

Great, I was in this alone now. With someone watching me. Why would they be watching me? I decided to obey what the note said. I wouldn’t say a word. Suddenly I got scared of some distance laughter coming from downstairs. I quickly got up and shoved the box and note underneath my bed. There. I hoped that nobody would find it there.

I wiped away the sweat from my face and went into the bathroom. I stared back at myself in the mirror. My eyes were sore and my hair was a mess. I grabbed the face wash and rubbed it roughly on my delicate face. I switched on the tap and splashed the cold water to get rid of the soap. With my eyes still closed, I grabbed a towel and dabbed my face. I looked back in the mirror once again. For one, I looked a lot better; all that was left now was my hair. I grabbed my brush and slowly took out all the knots.

I was ready to go downstairs. I calmed my breathing and made my way down. I tried to look normal, and push all the thoughts out of my mind, but they just wouldn’t leave. I couldn’t help but think who it could be. Why it was there? How did they know I was here? I had tried to come to the conclusion it was Damen, but it just couldn’t be. He was locked up in jail for a long time. After what he did, he deserved it. Who was it then?

I walked outside into the garden, where everyone was. I suddenly sensed all eyes on me. I put on a fake smile to show that everything was okay, and I was fine, even though that was a lie. “Who was at the door love?” Liam asked, worried.

“Oh, you know, it was no one.” I said trying to control my shaky voice. Harry raised his eyebrows at me.

“No one?” Harry asked.

“No one. It was probably one of those knock door run things.” I explained, although I knew the whole truth. I had to control myself. As much as I wanted to burst out crying, I had to maintain it within me. I stood in the middle not knowing where to sit.

Harry, Louis and Eleanor were leaning their backs against a wall. On the other side of Harry sat Danielle, and beside Dani sat Zayn. Liam, Kyra and Niall were leaning on the opposite garden wall. I narrowed my eyes at how close Kyra was getting to Liam. Niall didn’t seem to notice at all. He was busy laughing away at something. Honestly Niall, look at your girlfriend.

I caught Lou staring at me. I gave him a questioning look. “Come sit here Ally.” He said indicating to his lap. I laughed.

“No thank you Lou, I think I’d rather sit on Li’s lap.” I said gesturing towards Liam. His eyes shot up to meet with mine. He gave me a cheeky smile. I walked over to him and plopped myself in his lap, giving my back to Kyra. I thought I heard a groan behind me and saw Kyra giving me a look. What was her problem? I was sitting on my boyfriends lap.

Suddenly a thought popped into my head. Could it have been Kyra? I know she doesn’t like me much, it can’t be. Where will she get the rose? Besides, she was inside when the doorbell rang. I shoved that though at the back of my mind, but continued to wonder.

I looked towards Lou. He was pouting a me now. “There, there, Boo bear. I will sit on your lap.” Eleanor said, wiping his fake tears away. Harry’s head perked up.

“Not unless, I sit on his lap first.” Hazza said in a mocking tone, already climbing over louis’ legs. Everyone chuckled in response. Unfortunately, Harry was the one who got the comfortable seat of louis’ lap. El crossed her arms over her chest and pretended to be mad at Lou.

“I’m sorry El, Harry got there first.” Lou said grinning at Harry. Harry winked back at El.

“Don’t speak to me, I’m mad at you.” She said turning her body away. Suddenly, she had a thought and jumped up from where she was sat. I looked at her puzzled; she just gave me a mischievous wink. El made her way to Zayn and plopped herself in his lap.

Zayn was startled at first, but then began to laugh. I looked over to Louis, who was now pretending to be mad at El. Honestly. I can always count on Hazza and Lou’s bromance to get me cheered up, but today, it just wasn’t enough. I couldn’t get that rose and note out of my mind. Suddenly I heard a whisperer in my ear.

“Is everything alright love” Liam asked me, rubbing smooth circles on my back. I looked at him, our faced inches apart. I nodded and gave him a smile. I had to mask my thoughts and emotions. I couldn’t let anyone see what I was feeling right now. I blinked my eyes. Liam still had a curious look on his face. I hate it when he worried for me.

I put my forehead against his and slid my arms around his neck. His hands snaked around my petite waist and held on tight. I brushed my lips passed his, but didn’t kiss him. Not yet. I looked at him in the eyes. He didn’t like being teased. I brushed my lips passed his once more. He frowned.

“Kiss me.” He whispered. I wanted him to wait a little longer. I let a small chuckle out, when Liam pouted and gave me his best puppy dog eyes. Didn’t seem like he could take anymore. He smashed his lips against mine, and started to kiss passionately.

While we kissed, I forgot about everything. I forgot about the note, the rose, Damen, my past. Everything. As our lips moved in accord, it felt like we were the only two in the world and nothing would change that. I needed Liam and I wanted him, but I didn’t want him getting hurt. No one would find out about what I had witnessed today. No one.

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