Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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28. Tortured!

Kelly’s P.O.V

I did it; I captured Zayn – just like Damen asked me to. Boy, was I proud. Damen would be proud of me and in no time we would be back together. The only reason I was going along with this, is to get him back. My Damen. Soon he will realise that going after that pig Ally, is a waste of time. He’ll come running back to me.

I was rudely disrupted from my thought when a phone rang, again. I looked over my shoulder at Zayn. Bless him. He was all tied up in rope, slumped back onto the mouldy damp wall. Sweat formed on his forehead an upper lip. Zayn’s hair was a mess, his clothes were a crumple and his face was covered in scratches and smudges. I was glad that little act with him was over. The only person I wanted to be with was Damen.

I slowly made my way over to him and crouched down to his level. I took his chin in my hands and roughly made him face my way. His droopy eyes were red and his lips were cracked and dry. “Well, well, well. Look who’s phone is going off… again.” I laughed, but shouted the end with in his face. I looked at his pocket; the phone was still ringing. Slowly an evil smirk grew up to my lips.

“Awwh poor Zayn. Shall we answer your phone.” I said in a baby voice, moving his face roughly form side to side. Saliva dribbled from his mouth onto my hand. “Ew! Disgusting!” I yelled and slapped him on his face, hard. “How dare you!?” I screamed at him again.

Zayn just sat there, motionless. I smiled. “Well if you didn’t waste all your energy trying to get out of here, maybe you would have some left to reply.” I stated. Shrugging my shoulders I looked at his pocket again. “You’re lucky your phone stopped ringing, or else I was going to have to threaten you poor little friends.” My laugh echoed thought out the broken building. “You don’t want that now, do you?” I asked, stepping on his knee.

Zayn’s shriek of pain boomed throughout the building, making a few birds fly off the roof. “NO!” he yelled. I smiled at his response.

“Very well then.” I turned around and started to walk towards my seat next to a window when a phone rang. Again. This was really started to piss me off. Couldn’t his stupid little friends manage without him for a little while? I rolled my eyes and walked towards him again.

Kneeling down I put my hand inside his pocket and pulled out his mobile. It was still vibrating in my hand. I read the name and smiled. “Looks like Niall is getting really worried about you.” I laughed. Zayn shuffled around, attempting to loosen the rope around his wrists. His wrists were already bleeding and sore from attempting to escape. I kept my chuckle from coming out.

Turning my attention back to the phone in my hand; I laid it on the floor directly in front of him. “Shall we destroy it, or answer?” I asked him. Tears were evident in his eyes and pain flashed across his face, when he rubbed against the rope. “I suggest you don’t do that, or your hands will fall off.” I paused. “Then again, I really don’t care whether you have your hands or not.” Laughing, I kneeled down next to the phone.

“I think we’ll answer this time.” With that I pressed the accept button and the ringing stopped. Immediately Niall spoke.

“Oh thank God!” Niall said relieved. “Zayn? Zayn? Are you okay?” He asked. I let out a loud laugh, not minding at all if Niall heard me. “Zayn, that wasn’t you.” He stated.

I was getting tired of his obvious remarks. “Of course it’s not you twat!” I shouted at the phone, glancing at Zayn.

“W-who is t-t-this?” Niall stuttered. I heard some shuffling on the other line.

“Who do you think?” I roared. “Have you forgotten me already Nialler?” I asked in my high sweet voice. I waited for him to answer and when he didn’t anger bubbled inside me again. “I can remind you who I am again, if you want. I’ll just get a blade and come right over.” My laughed roared out of me. I still remember the time I tortured him into not telling anyone.

“K-K-Kelly?” he whispered. I smirked at Zayn. He was still moving his arms in weird ways to get out of that rope. He shook his head from side to side to say something. I smiled, what a shame there was tape on his mouth. I guess his voice would never get heard.

“Well done! You remember me. A shame though isn’t it. I was looking forward to torturing you again.” I smiled, walking around the phone in circles. “Would have been fun, wouldn’t it?” I asked him. I heard Niall’s breathing get hard.

“Listen here you! No one, I mean no one hurts my friends!” A female voice echoed though the phone. I would recognise that voice anywhere; Eleanor. I let out a deep laugh.

“Ah, Eleanor! How nice to speak to you again.” I said in a high pitched voice. “How are you?” I asked nicely.

“Don’t play games with me! I am warning you! Where is Zayn?! What have you done with him?!” she shouted down the phone. I shook my head at Zayn, coming up with a great idea.

“Oh daring. Calm down. Zayn is with me, safe and sound.” I told her, picking up the phone and walking to Zayn. Kneeling down beside him I said “Aren’t we Zayn?”

Zayn started mumbling something against the tape. For God’s sake. “I said aren’t we Zayn?!” I shouted, while pulling the tape away from his mouth harshly. He cried out in pain.

“Where have you taken him? Why?” Eleanor asked. I tutted at her questions.

“Eleanor darling. Zayn is with me. He is my boyfriend after all.” I pulled a disgusted face when calling him my boyfriend.

“El, Niall!” Zayn shouted in a hoarse voice. I shot a pointed look his way and covered his mouth with my hand.

“Stop lying. I know you have got him trapped. Let him talk!” She demanded.

“Now, now, that is not polite at all. Where is the please?” I asked. Zayn struggled against my hand.

“I said let him talk now!” Eleanor shouted.

“Very well. I guess a rude person always stays a rude person.” I shook my head at her tone. “Zayn darling, would you like to speak to Eleanor and Niall?” I asked him, but pressed my hand harder on his mouth.

Suddenly he bit me, causing me to pull my hand away. “Ow!” I shrieked, holding my hand close to me. The phone dropped on the floor in the process.

“Zayn!” Niall cried through the phone.

“Niall, Eleanor, help me.” I grabbed the phone if the floor and searched for the tape.

“That’s enough!” I shouted. I found the tape and began putting it on his mouth.

“Save me!” he shouted in a sore voice before his sounds were muffled by the tape.

“Kelly! Let him go now!” Niall shouted along with Eleanor.

“Sorry, not possible.” I laughed.

“We will find you. We will find you and Damen. You will end up in jail for the rest of your lives.” Niall shouted though the phone.

“You won’t get away with this!” Eleanor declared.

“Good luck with that, honestly.” I said calmly and ended the call.

“You have been a very bad boy, Zayn.” I said slowly edging closer to him. His eyes grew wide with fear. I smiled, he knew what was coming.

I glanced at the fire made out of wood in the middle of the broken damp dingy room. Perfect. All I needed now was a metal rod. My eyes searched the dark room, until it landed on a rusty metal rod. Perfect. I walked over to it keeping my gaze on Zayn. I took the cold metal rod in my hand and gestured it towards Zayn.

“You see this?” I asked Zayn. He frantically shook his head. I laughed at his response. “Well, it’s very cold at the moment…” I said tracing my fingers over the metal rod. “However, it won’t be cold for long!” I stated, quickly making my way over to the fire. “We’ll make this nice and hot until its crimson red… and then…” I trailed off once again looking at Zayn. He was drenched in sweat, eyes wide.

I laughed aloud, letting the evil pour out of my voice.

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