Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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22. The Result & Blame


I looked at the brown envelope held in Louis’ hand, and then at everyone else who was in the room with me: Niall, Louis and El. I inhaled through my nose and breathe out through my mouth. Keep clam, I told myself. As long as I had my friends with me, everything will be okay. I slowly took the envelope out of Lou’s hand and started opening it.

I felt Niall tense up beside me and El was edging closer. Lou mumbled a few words to himself. One the closing of the envelope was open I took the white folded piece of paper out. I could feel my heart racing and pounding inside of me. I was going to find out if I was going to be a mum or not. I gulped once and gently opened the piece of paper.

I smoothed the report out on my lap and began to scan through the words. Niall, Lou and El were now behind me, looking over my shoulders and reading too. I kept scanning the piece of paper, until my eyes landed on three words: ‘results were positive’. I froze in my place, my arms went limp and the letter fell to the floor. I felt dizzy and my sight was going blurry. What was happening? Before I knew it everything went black.

Louis’ P.O.V

Ally fainted right there and then. Niall and El put laid her on the couch, while I picked up the letter in my hand. My eyes read every word in detail. Now I know why she had fainted. She was pregnant. All this time; the eating the fainting the sickness – she was pregnant. Believe it or not Ally was going to be a mum.

I turned to the other and cleared my through. Niall and El shot their faces towards me. I nodded my head slowly, as if to establish that she was expecting. El ran to my side and wrapped her arms around me.

“I’m going to be an aunty!” she said excitedly. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close.

“I’m going to be an uncle, and so are Niall and everyone.” I said, glancing at Niall. However he didn’t look happy. That sadness was still in his face. I pulled away from El and went to kneel next to Niall who was on his knees in front of Ally trying to wake her up. She lay there still and motionless.

“Niall mate, what’s wrong?” I asked him, trying to look him in the eye, but he wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

“We’re all going to be uncle and aunties, but what about Liam? Ally said Damen…” Niall mumbled off, but I knew what he meant. Damen had raped her; therefore the baby that Ally was carrying could be his and not Liam’s. My heart sank at that thought.

“Think positive thoughts, guys.” El interjected she knelt down on the other side of Niall.

“How can we think positive, El? That child could be his.” Niall complained. Tears were streaming down his face and onto Ally had he raked her hair back, still attempting to wake her up.

“Niall…” I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what. I knew very well that what he was saying was right, but I also saw where El was coming from. I slumped down to sit on my butt and lean my back against the sofa. I folded the report and put it in my back pocket.

“Guy’s we won’t know who’s the baby it is, until it’s born. That would require a DNA test.” El said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “For now, we have to be positive for Ally. She needs us now.” El finished off.

Niall stood up and held one of my hands and one of El’s hands. “For Ally.” He said. I squeezed his hand tight and nodded. Somehow a tear of my own slipped down my face and fell of the tip of my chin.

We were going to help Ally get through this, whatever the matter. However I wanted to help Liam to get through this too. He was completely blind to what was going on. I wanted to tell him even though Ally didn’t want him to know, but everything I would come to him or sit down next to him, he would get up and walk away. I would ask is he was okay and he would reply rudely. I honestly don’t know what has gotten into him.

Suddenly I was distracted by a couple of feet thundering down the stairs. It was probably Harry and Liam. Zayn wasn’t here after all, which reminds me. I need to get him out of Kelly’s spell. I patted the report in my back pocket to make sure it was safe, and knelt down beside Ally.

“Wake up Ally.” I whispered to her. El and Niall got the work straight away. El went in the kitchen to get a glass of water and Niall bent down next to me rubbing Ally’s hands.

“Morning guys!” I heard Harry chimed though the door. I looked at Niall. He quickly wiped away his tears with his sleeve and attempted a smile. I nodded at him and smiled back. It was all going to be okay.

“Woah! What happened to Ally?!” Harry asked coming up beside me.

“Ally!” I heard Liam yell. He pushed me and Niall out of the way and knelt down beside her. “What happened?” he asked, looking really worried.

“She fainted.” El said coming in from the kitchen glass of water and towel in her hand. I sat up beside Liam again and took Ally’s hand.

“Come on Ally.” I mumbled. Liam pushed me out of the way. His eyes were read and there were tear marks on his cheeks.

“She is not your girlfriend!” he yelled at me. I looked at him puzzled. Everyone knew she was Liam’s and not mine. I had my beautiful Eleanor. What on earth was he talking about then?

“Liam? What are you talking about?” I questioned startled from the push he gave me. Liam was never the one to be violent. He was always the daddy of our group; the responsible one.

“I think you know very well what I am talking about.” Liam sneered at me standing up and folding his arms across his chest. I stood of too, so we were nose to nose.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” Harry interrupted pulling me and Liam apart.

“You’re always around Ally: comforting her, chatting to her about stuff. That’s my job Louis, not yours. I am her boyfriend Louis, not you!” he roared in my face. I blinked. Did he really think that Ally and I? Oh my gosh, this could not be happening, not now. Liam needed to understand.

“Liam, I’m not doing anything. I am like a brother to her, you know it!” I yelled back. I was really getting irritating. How can he think like that? El was in the room with me she knew what was going on. I looked towards her.

“Liam. Calm down.” El said in a calming voice. She was still splashing a pit of water on Ally’s face with her fingers.

“Calm down? You’re telling me to calm down?! Your boyfriend is cheating on you with my girlfriend!” He yelled at her. What?

“Don’t shout at her!” I pushed him back and yelled in his face. He had no right to shout at my girlfriend.

Eleanor got up from her seat and walked over to Liam. “Li, darling. Lou is not cheating on me.” She said quietly, attempting to calm him down.

“You think he’s not cheating on you, because he is putting on this fake brother and sister act.” He said a bit calmer now.

“Now Li, you don’t have proof, do you?” Asked Harry. No, he did not have proof, because there was no proof, simply because there was no affair!

“He’s acting, I know it!” Liam shouted, ignoring Harry.

“I’m not putting on any act!” I yelled. Now I was the one getting pissed. He didn’t know anything! If he did he wouldn’t me yelling at me but thanking me for taking care of her. In fact if he did know what was going on, I wouldn’t be the one with the report in my back pocket. He would.

“Calm down guys.” Niall said taking Liam’s arm and dragging him towards the kitchen. However Liam stayed put.

“No. Yes you are! You’re having an affair with my girlfriend behind my back!” he sneered at me. Oh that’s it. I launched forward, my hand curled into a fist, but before I could punch his face someone screamed.

“EVERYONE STOP IT, NOW!” Ally yelled sitting up on the couch. Everyone turned to looked towards her.

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