Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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31. Next step

Ally’s P.O.V

It took me quite a while to find a taxi place and get a ride at this time of night. It had gone past midnight and the sky was still as dark as ever. Luckily the taxi driver was a friendly old chap, who was happy to give me a ride back to the house. I need to get their quickly. The quicker I get there the quicker I would be able to save Zayn. I knew the guys would be angry, worried and upset at me, but I had to do this.

We were driving for an hour or so, and soon the strange surroundings became familiar. I knew I was going to be home soon. It wasn’t long before the driver slowed down and stopped right in front of the house. I shuffled through my purse for some money, but then I heard the driver speak.

“No need ma’am. This one is on me.” He said with a slight bit of an Italian accent. I smiled at the driver and said thank you. I really owed this man; he was so kind and generous. Honestly, there should be more people in the world like this. I stepped out of the car, the cold air replaced the warm air and the wind blew my hair into my face. No doubt I looked like a mess, but I didn’t care.

The taxi man drove away leaving me by the drive way. I turned around to face the house. The lights were on and nearby I could see several police cars. Why were they here? I sighed deeply and began to walk up the path. Turning the nob on the door I found it was open and stepped inside.

There was a lot of chatter going on and when I entered the living room, I soon found out why. There were many police officers wandering around, busy doing something. I looked around and found nest of blonde hair, Niall. He was busy talking to another officer, while he scribbled down some notes. Then I spotted Eleanor, she was holding a tray full of cups of tea. I took in the atmosphere.

“Ally?!” Niall called, whilst getting up and walking my way. My head quickly turned to face his direction, confusion was clear in his face. Eleanor stopped offering cups of tea and put the tray down before running to me. Many of the other police officers stopped in the moment and looked at me.

I was trapped in between Niall’s and El’s arms. They both squashed me to death before letting go. “Ally what are you doing here?” Eleanor asked softly.

“I here to…” I started to say but was cut off by Niall.

“Are the boys with you too?” Niall asked worried. I looked down and could feel my cheeks burning red.

“No. I came alone…” Once again I didn’t finish what I was saying when El interrupted.

“What?! You came alone?! Ally I cant believe you did that?!” El yelled at me, but pulled me into another hug.

“Did you even tell the guys before coming?” Niall asked. But instead of the answer coming out of my mouth, Eleanor spoke.

“Of course she obviously didn’t. Do you think the guys would ever let her go alone?” She asked Niall.

Niall shrugged his shoulders and said “I suppose.”

I shook them both off me and took in a deep breath. “Listen. I came here alone, because I know they wouldn’t let me.” Eleanor was about to speak, but I spoke again “But don’t worry nothing happened to me.” I gulped again. “I want to save Zayn and the only way I can do that is by giving him what he wants.” I paused, watching Niall and El. Even the police officers were listening to me taking notes. “He wants me.”

Once those words left my mouth, Niall erupted with anger. “No Ally! You’re not going to surrender yourself to him. I won’t let you!” his face was read and his eyes were watery.

Eleanor put a hand on his shoulder. “Ally, you need to think about what you’re saying.” She said.

“I know El, I have already thought about it loads. I know what I'm doing.” I answered

“Well I’m not going to let you do it.” Niall spoke again.

“There is no need for any surrendering, ma’am. We have got a location.” Spoke up one of the police officers. I looked at El and Niall confused. A location of what?

“Agreed. Ally, we called the police and they were tracking where Zayn’s phone is. Hopefully it will lead us to where Kelly and Damen are hiding him.” Eleanor explained.

My heart raised a little. There was hope. There was hope to get him back. I pushed past them both and looked over the police officers shoulder. He looked at me and they pointed to the map, where a red dot was placed. My eyes widened, that place wasn’t far from here.

“Come on guys! Let’s go get him. Let’s go save Zayn.” I yelled and started walking through the door, but one of the police men stopped me. Now, I was really eager. We were so close to finding him.

“Hold on ma’am. This case involves Damen and he is a very cunning and dangerous man. We need to plan our mission first.” He explained.

I frowned. We were wasting time here; Zayn was being tortured by that cow. We had to do something. “I'm afraid he his right, Ally.” El said, coming up to me. “Besides, we need to tell the guys that you are here. They must be worried sick.” She said taking her phone out. I snatched it out of her hand.

“No. Don’t tell them. Please don’t tell them that I am gone.” I begged Niall and El. “They will find out sooner or later and when they do they will call.” I continued. “But please don’t tell them.” Tears were coming out of my eyes as I held my hands out to them both.

Niall and El looked at each other and then nodded. “Fine, Ally.” They sighed. I smiled with a little hope and hugged them both.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked everyone in the room.


Happy with our plan we were making our way towards the crime destination. It wasn’t far from the house. In fact it was near the woods. There were many broken factory buildings everywhere. They had shattered and broken windows. Walls were missing bricks and they looked really dull and grey. We were on the same street where the signals from the phone were coming. I looked on the map, the red dot light was still there, but the second I blinked, it was gone.

“Where is the red dot? Why is it gone?” I asked panicked.

“Oh no. We’ve lost the signal. The device has been destroyed.” I looked at the police man with wide eyes and gasped. He must have noticed the change in my expression. “Don’t worry ma’am, were close by. We will find your friend.”

The police man stopped the car on the side and got out. There were other police cars following behind, they too parked and got out of their vehicles.

“How are we going to find him out of all these abandoned buildings?” asked Niall. The police man was about to say something when Niall’s phone rang.

He put the phone to his ear and said “Hello Liam.” Oh no, they’ve noticed that I’m missing. What will happen now?

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