Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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7. Missin' the boys


We were all watching television, whist munching on all kinds of junk. I lay my head back on the sofa, draping my legs over Eleanor’s. Dani was sitting on the soft carpet floor whilst Kyra sat in the big, comfy armchair. The movie we were watching the ‘Hunger Games’. Eleanor and Kyra were obsessed with the film and have watched it many times before. I for one hadn’t. Even when we were watching it, I could focus. My mind kept drifting off to other things. Like, when my Liam is going to be back in my arms? What if it was Damen sending all those messages, and he was going to come after me?

I was dragged out of my thoughts when Eleanor jumped off the sofa, throwing me off and onto Dani’s head. Kyra’s laughter roared throughout the house. I guess it was pretty funny. It was like I was straddling Dani. I immediately got of her and glared at El.

“What was that for?” I questioned her with hands on my hips, and eyebrows raised. Eleanor tried to hold back a laugh.

“Well I got excited because Peeta kissed Katnis. And well I jump, when I’m excited.” She explained. I rolled my eyes at her. I really wasn’t in the mood argue and I didn’t have the energy to be angry. I plopped myself back on the sofa next to El, and held my head in my hands.

“What’s wrong?” I hear Eleanor whisper, rubbing soft circles on my back. I sigh.

“Nothing.” I mumble.

“Ally, you know you can tell me anything. Come on tell El what’s wrong.” I look towards her. She gave me an encouraging smile.

“I miss Liam, Harry, and everyone else. I feel really ill, and I’m scared.” I said in a croaky voice. Tears were slowly forming in my eyes. But I told myself that I would not cry. I needed to be strong.

“Aww honey.” She said pulling me into a hug. Dani came and sat on the other side of me and put and arm around, my shoulders. Kyra kneeled in front of me wiping away my tears, which came strolling out freely.

“There’s no need to be scared Ally. You know I will whoop Damen’s ass if he shows up here.” I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh at Dani’s comment.

“And my pepper spray might come in handy too.” Added Kyra. I smiled a crooked smile.

“Ally, if you’re feeling ill, do you want me to call Aunty Anne?” my ears shot up at that. I quickly shook my head. Aunty Anne must be having fun with her daughter Gemma. She agreed to give me and the guys some room, but now the guys were gone and the girls were staying over. Everything was so messed up.

I wiped my tears. “Thanks guys.” I whispered. “I think I’m going to go upstairs and ring Harry. Hopefully Liam will be with him.” I said before getting up. I gave El, Dani and Kyra a hug.

“We are all here if you need anything.” Kyra said. I turned to smile and her and nod. I was on my way upstairs to my room. Each stair groaned and creaked with every step I took. It was too eerie. I sprinted, rest of the way up and slammed the door shut once I was in my room.

I dug around in the pocket of my joggers and pulled out my phone. I was already missing my boys, especially Harry and Liam. I scrolled through my contacts and pressed Harry’s mobile number.

Ring one…

Ring two…

Ring three…

“Hey Ally!” Harry’s voice boomed through the phone. I actually had to wince.

“Hey Hazza! How are you guys?” I asked. I just wanted to hear his voice again.

“Were fine Ally. Still dealing with court matter and questioning why we weren’t told that you-know-who was released.” He sighed. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He was so pissed off when he found out. “Anyway enough about this. How are you, love?” he asked, brightening up.

“I’m fine Hazza. I feel a bit sick though, and of course I miss you guys a lot.” I answered. I didn’t want to get him too worried.

“We all miss you too Ally. Liam’s been in a mood, he won’t eat anything. Make sure you take you medicines okay. Are El, Kyra and Dani okay with you?” he asked.

“They are fine Haz, and I sure will take my meds, don’t worry. What’s this about my Li not eating?” I was concerned now. My man needed to eat.

“He says he doesn’t feel hungry. Each time we offer him food he refuses, Niall then ends up eating it.” He explained.

“Has he told you why?” I asked, curious.

“Not really. He has been a bit worried after the news about Damen came out. He doesn’t like leaving you alone, you know.”  He said sounding worried himself.

“Haz, please pass the phone to Liam.” I ordered. I heard some shuffling on the other end of the line and then I heard Liam’s heavenly voice.

“Ally? Is that you? Is everything okay? What’s happened? Did you hear anything from Damen?” he kept firing questions at me. I sighed.

“Liam, hold your horses. Stop throwing questions at me.” I said calming him down.

“Sorry, love.” He mumbled. “How are you? Are you missing me?” he asked, slowly this time.

“I’m fine Liam, and I miss you more than ever.” I replied. I really did miss him.

“I missed you more than you missed me.” He said. Sure.

“No, I missed you more than you missed me.” I said. Then I heard Louis in the background.

“Oh come on, stop all this cheesy talk.” He whined. I could help but giggle. Same old Louis.

“Anyway. What’s this I’m hearing about you not eating?” I questioned sternly.

“Ally I can’t eat. I’m worried about you and until I have you back in my arms I won’t be able to stop worrying.” He said softly. I felt tears start to form in my eyes. Why was I being so emotional lately?

“Liam, don’t worry about me. I have the girls looking after me just fine. You need to eat.” I said reassuring him.

“Ally, my tummy is just not up for it.” He said sadly.

“Liam Payne! Do you want me to go on a hunger strike and make Niall go all fat and blobby?” I asked in an army tone.

“No mam. Ally don’t you dare go hungry.” He warned.

“Will you eat then? For me?” I asked innocently. He sighed.

“Okay then.” He answered. I knew I had won and a smile spread across my face.


“Promise.” He confirmed.

“Don’t lie to me, because I will be checking up on you.” I said in a strict tone.

“Ally would I ever lie to you?” he laughed. It felt so good to hear him laugh and my heart suddenly warmed up. I decided to tease him.

“Maybe.” I answered.

“Ally, love. You should know by now that I would never lie to you.” He said seriously.

“I know Li. I was just messing. I love you.” I smiled.

“I love you more.” He replyed.

“Please don’t start with the cheesy stuff again.” Whined Louis in the back ground. I chuckled and asked Liam to give the phone to Zayn.

I needed to speak to him and he was one of the first people that I’d gotten close with.

“Hello?” Zayn asked through the phone.

“Hey Zayn!” I chirped.

“Hey Ally. How are you?” Why was everyone asking me this?

“Im fine Zayn. I was wondering if you could do me a favour.” I said sounding hopeful.

“Of Course. What is it?” he asked.

“Well, first of all, I want you to keep me updated on whether Liam is eating or not.” I said.

“Ally, I already promised you that I would eat.” I heard Liam say. My eyes went wide.

“Zayn, am I on speaker?” I asked.

“Urm, yeah.”

“Could you please turn off speaker, I need to speak to you, and you only.” I said.

“Okay. You’re off speaker now.”

“Right. As I was saying…” I started.

“It’s okay Ally I will keep you updated on Liam’s eating habits. Was there anything else?” he asked.

“Thank you and yes. I know that nobody else is going to keep me informed on the Damen issue. So you please tell me if you find anything out?” I asked hopeful. I knew that the rest of the guys were going to hide it from me, especially Harry.

“Sure. Don’t worry Ally.” He said. I thanked him and he put me on speaker again.

“Bye boys. I’m going to take some meds and get some rest. Be safe. Liam and Zayn remember what I told you. Kisses and hugs to you all. Mwah mwah mwah!” I said to all of them through the phone. I got a bunch of ‘I love you’, ‘be safe’ and I got a ‘don’t miss me too much’ from Harry. We said our final bye’s before I shut my phone off.

I felt much better now. My headache was easing and I didn’t feel as bad as I did. Speaking to the boys always put me in a better mood. I loved them and I knew they loved me as much back. I sighed in relief and stretched. I really did need to take my medication. So of I went downstairs.

I didn’t care to go quietly on each step. Instead I jump on each wooden stair and made an elephant stop sound. El was sure to make some comment on that. I poked by head around the living room door to find Eleanor and Kyra.

“Where’s Dani?” I asked walking through.

“She had to go, to get there in time for her over eighteens dance class.” Kyra said. Dani was running one successful business.

“Well, you seem happier. What happened?” asked El teasingly.

I shrugged my shoulder and said. “I spoke with the boys.”

Kyra and El started at me with blank faces. What did I say now? “What?” I questioned.

“So talking with the boys makes you feel all better. However when it comes to us girls, you can’t tell us anything.” said Kyra, accusingly.

I sighed. “It’s nothing like that Kyra. El will understand that I have been through a lot with these boys; especially Harry and Liam. The rest are like super close big brothers to me.” I explained. Kyra joined our little group later on so she didn’t know what I had to go through. What we all had to go through. Thank fully El and Dani understood. They were like super close big sisters to me, but with Kyra, it’s different.

I shook my head, knowing that she will never understand. “I am going take my meds them go to bed. I’m feeling really tired.” I yawned. The two girls just nodded. El gave me an apologetic smile. I knew she was going to have a little word with Kyra after I’d gone.

I went through to the kitchen and open the medicines draw. I popped out two tablets from a pack and threw them in my mouth whilst getting a glass of water making them slide down my throat very slowly. Another yawn emerged from me and I decided it was time to go upstairs. I know it was early to go to sleep but these tablets will get me through to the next day and that’s what I wanted.

I said goodnight to the girls and gave them both a hug, before dragging my feet upstairs. I don’t even bother changing and slid under the soft covers. They still smelt like Liam. Oh how I wished he was still here with me. My eye lids got heavier and heavier until they finally closed. Leaving me in sound sleep. 

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