Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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14. I know you're in here


We all sat there silently waiting for Zayn to open his eyes. I was edging away from him slowly, just in case I needed to run.  Lou and Niall were moving around impatiently, Harry was smirking; Liam was ready to jump of the sofa with the mirror shaking in his hands. Zayn fists came up to his eyes and rubbed them. He let out a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes.

I held my breath and everyone else went still and quiet. I examined Zayn closely. His face was relatively calm, until he looked directly at the mirror. Oh no! Zayn’s eyes went wide and his cheeks were turning into a red colour. His fists clenched.

Suddenly within a second, everyone ran. They ran as fast as they could out of the room, each person heading in a different direction. Zayn ran after everyone. Lou was screaming like a girl. Niall had his hand in the air as he ran. Liam pushed everything in his way over and Harry was still trying to get more footage of his reaction. I however headed straight for the stairs; my breath going heavy. Man I need to do some more exercise.

“Who did this to me?!” Zayn’s voice boomed throughout the house; you could tell he was pissed. I could hear some laughter, no doubt the Hazza and Lou. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud too. I quickly headed for my bedroom and pushed open the door. Where should I hide? Think brain think. Then my eyes landed on my wardrobe. Perfect! He shall never find me in here.

“I am so going to get you!” I heard Zayn pound up the stairs. Oh no, he was coming for me! I quickly hopped as quietly as I could towards my wardrobe and crept inside it. I shuffled in between the clothes and waited.

“Ally! I know it was you! Come out, come out where ever you are.” He sang. I tried to hold back a giggle, he sounded like the big bad wolf. Zayn would never find me in here. I heard Lou and Liam in the background saying ‘it wasn’t me’. Harry was denying it too. I heard Niall munching again, so he was too busy eating to deny it. That left me. I shuffled more into my clothes, making then rub across my face.

Suddenly I heard my bedroom door open, followed by footsteps. I bit my thumb to prevent myself from squeaking or making the slightest sound. I was mentally giggling my head off.

“Alex Hylton, I know you’re in here.” He said in a whisper; the sound of his footsteps coming closer and closer. All giggles dispersed from me. That one line he said, reminded me of the one thing I wanted to forget. Damen.


Damen and I were playing a game of hide and seek. It was his turn to count, so I hid behind the sofa in the living room. I heard his voice calling out for me. I knew he would take time to find me. I made myself comfortable in the small space.

“Alex!” he called again. I let a few of my giggles slip out. Oh no. I quickly put both of my hands over my mouth. I mustn’t make a sound.

I heard him come into the living room; where I was. I pressed myself closer to the sofa behind me. “Alex Hylton, I know you’re in here.” He yelled. I couldn’t help it; my giggles came out one after the other. Oh no! He was sure to find me now.

“Ha! Found you!” Damen said pushing the sofa out of the way. I stood up and smiled at him.

“So you have.”  I dusted myself of and smiled at my boyfriend, when I felt something pull on my hair.

I looked up to see it was Damen. What was he doing? He pulled my hair hard; I was sure the roots were coming out.

“Ouch! Damen what are you doing?” I said, trying to pry him off me.

“When I call your name you answer, bitch!” he shouted at me.

What the hell happened? What kind of boyfriend does that? I thought we were playing a game of hide and seek, what happened?

“Damen, let me go!” I said tugging on my hair. He pulled harder.

“I never want you to hide from me!” he yelled back totally ignoring me.

“What the hell! We were playing a game of hide and seek.” I sobbed.

Abruptly he loosened his grip on me and let go of my hair. I stood back up right, and rubbed my head. What happened? I looked at Damen. The hard look in his eyes softened.

“Ally, I’m so sorry.” He whispered, stepping closer towards me. I took a step back and put a hand out in front of me. Tears were spilling out like waterfalls

“Don’t.” I mumbled, turning around and walking away.

*End Flashback*

I should have known from then on that Damen was crazy. I could still feel the way he pulled on my hair. I put a hand up to touch where the pain would have been.  I never should have given him a second chance, but being the stupid girl I am; I did. I’ll regret that for eternity.

Thoughts from when I encountered him not to long ago, came rushing back to me. He came back. He raped me. He left and said he’ll be back to take me. A few tears rolled down my cheeks. For how much more longer am I going to keep this bottled up? What if he does come back to take me, for real this time. What will happen then?

However what bugged me most of all was what will happen if I do tell someone. Will they all hate me and leave? What will they think of me? The girl who’s been raped? No. I wouldn’t tell anyone. I can’t take a risk and loose everyone and everything. Losing my family was enough. I wouldn’t be able to cope if I lost my boys.

Suddenly my head started hurting. It was small and suffocating in the wardrobe not to mention it was dark. I could feel blackness take over me. What was happening? I tried to lift up my hand to push open the door, but I was too weak. Soon I couldn’t even see the faintest outline of the clothes. It was getting hot and I was staring to sweat. Zayn muffled voice was in the background. My eyes were half closing, I tried to force them open but it wouldn’t work. All was black and I was out.


I woke up on my laying on my bed, with my boys crowding around me. Woah! How did I get here? Last thing I remember I was in the wardrobe hiding from Zayn. Wait a minute. I looked over at Zayn, he still had my master piece of a drawing on his face; it made me giggle a bit. But when I really looked at his face I noticed he had a worried expression. I looked at all of them crowding around me. All of them had worried expressions on their faces. What was wrong?

“What’s wrong?” I questioned, but my voice came out hoarse.

“Ally, you fainted in the wardrobe.” Niall filled me in on the information. All had no way to reply to that other than say ‘oh’.

“Are you okay carrot princess?” Lou asked me. He was by my side, stroking my hair. I sighed. I had no idea what was happening to me. Vomiting, eating more than Niall and I’d just fainted. I nodded, too tired to give a proper answer.

“Harry go get her some water.” Liam commanded. Harry got up off the end of my bed and poured me a glass of water that was on my bedside table. He looked at me first then handed me the glass.

I happily took it. It felt nice and cool against my throat and calmed me down. I gulped the whole glass down and handed it back to Harry, who was now looking at me with a puzzled expression.

“What? I was thirsty.” I replied to him. He shrugged and put the glass down, before coming to sit on the end of my bed again.

Suddenly I felt a clammy hand on my forehead. Ew! I looked up to see Zayn.

“Zayn what are you doing?” I questioned, but he ignored my question.

“Liam, she’s cold. Get in next to her, or I will.” Zayn bossed. I chuckled, as much as I wanted to take him seriously, I couldn’t. My decoration on his face was just too distracting.

“Zayn, if you don’t wash that off, I’m never going to be able to take you seriously.” I said in between fits of laughter. He groaned and rolled his eyes; never the less exited the room; obviously to wash his face.

I calmed down once he was gone and lifted the corner of my blanket as a gesture for Liam to get in. He smirked, but still got up to cuddle in between the blankets next to me.

“Wow! Zayn wasn’t joking when he said you were cold.” He laughed to himself. I rolled my eyes and slapped him on his upper arm.

“Be gone.” I ushered everyone out, but nobody budged. “Come on guys. I’m fine, I have Liam with me. I just need some sleep.” I further explained. They all groaned and sighed dramatically, but still managed to get their butts to the door and out.

Lou was the last one to leave. He paused for a moment. His face looked pained and worried. What was up with him? It was as if tears were going to come, streaming down his face. I just wanted to get up and cuddle him, but I was too drained out to move.

“Lou, are you okay?” I asked.

“Just fine.” I stated and left, closing the door behind him. What was bothering him?

I looked up towards Liam. “He’ll be okay. He’s just worried about you, you know. We all are.” He said reassuring me.

“I know.” I yawned softly.

I smiled back Liam and he put an arm around me. I snuggled deeper into his side. I was about to close my eyes when he spoke.

“Ally?” he asked.

“Hum?” was all that I could manage to come up with.

“You would tell me if something was wrong, wouldn’t you?” he asked, taking my hand in his and rubbing circles on my palm.

I closed my eyes and prayed. I’m dying to tell him, but I keep worrying about the consequences of what will happen if I do. I don’t want to lie to him, so I decided not to answer him and pretend to fall asleep. I felt his soft warm lips press on top of my forehead. And as if on cue, sleep actually came upon me.

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