Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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35. Fight For You


A light beeping sound filled my ears. My limbs felt heavy as if I’d just been thrown against a wall repetitively and run over by a heavy truck. I clenched and un-clenched my hands, only to find soft material rubbing against my palms. I was laying on something spongy and soft. I turned my head slightly, finding that it was resting on fluffy surface. Where was I?

Suddenly I felt something smooth rubbing my head and I could hear slow breathing in my ear. “Wake up Ally.” A masculine whispered. “Please wake up.” I tried to concentrate on the beeping sound, but I always ended up keeping myself in time with the shallow breathing and that… voice.

“Ally I want to see your big green eyes. I want to see that perfect smile plastered on your lips. Please wake up.” They said. The voice was familiar to me, very familiar. The deep masculinity of it made me feel warm inside and every time he said my name I felt bliss within me.

I wanted to jump right into the arms of that person. So I could feel loved, comfortable and most of all, I could feel safe. But every time I tried to move, my limbs would hurt. It was like a string of pain was sown through me. Not letting me to move or do as I wish.

Then I heard the voice again. “Come on Ally.” He whispered. “I know you can do it, I know you can. Please wake up. Wake up for me.” The encouragement filled my ears. Why couldn’t I just do it? Why couldn’t I just wake up? I tried once more.

I stopped moving and blocked everything out. I had to find myself. I had to bring myself out. Mentally I searched through the darkness surrounding me. I found nothing, apart from a new voice. This voice was different. It wasn’t masculine; in fact it was the voice of a little girl. A little girls’ soft singing filled my ears.

I followed the voice through the darkness. I carried myself forward, searching for her in this dark place. Soon I came upon a little girl sitting cross legged on the ground. Darkness was surrounding her, but on her was a single beam of light.

This little girl was cutest child ever. She had dark green eyes that were glossy; like she had tears brimming in her eyes. Her nose was petite and round, just like a button. Her skin was pale and contrasted with her curly brown locks. Just then, the little girl lifted her head and looked right at me. My heart stuck in my throat. She…. She looked just like… me.

“Hello.” She whispered. I just looked at her wide eyed. Was this really me or was it someone else that looked like me. I looked around to check if she was speaking to me. Obviously there was no one else here, apart from the little girl, myself and the darkness.

I looked back at her. “My mummy, she died today.” The little girl said fiddling with her hands. This little girl was me. My own mother died when I was only a little girl. Cancer took the better of her. I missed my mum and when I looked back at the girl, it reminded me of myself. I was a little girl in need of a mother, just like she was.

“But she said something to me before she went.” The girl continued. I neared her a bit more.

“W-what did s-she say?” I whispered, but it came out barely audible. The little girl still heard me and answered me.

“She said to never give up.” The girl said. She smiled at me, the tears rolling down her cheeks. I knew what she was going to say after that. My mother, or should I say our mother told us the same thing.

“She said to always keep fighting for others, those you love and yourself.” We said in sync.

“She said, if you fight for them, they will always fight for you.” We both finished. The girl smiled at me and stood up. I noticed she held a little ragged bear in her hand. It dangled by the arm and as she turned around she looked at me and whispered.

“Wake up.” Slowly she became a silhouette as she walked further and further away.

“Come back!” I yelled. The little girl paused and held up a hand as if to wave.

“Wake up. I’ll see you soon.” She yelled back, and then she was gone.

“Wake up.” I mumbled to myself. I lifted my head up. That’s exactly what I needed to do to get out of this place; I needed to wake up.

Even though all I could see was darkness, I still imagined closing my eyes. I imagined that when I opened then I would see bright light and all my loved ones around me. I took in a deep breath, and slowly opened my eyes.

Light filled my vision and the first person I saw, perched on the side of my bed was, Liam. He had a big smile plastered on his face. His buzz hair cut looked cuter than ever and I couldn’t resist sitting up to cuddle him. “Liam.” I whispered in a sore voice.

As I went to reach for him, my arm hurt and I quickly retrieved my previous position. “Ouch!” I semi-yelled.

“Ally, take it easy. Please.” Liam said taking my hand and rubbing my arm. Most of my limbs were bandaged up and my head pounded really loud. Liam drew my attention back to him.

“Oh Ally. I am so glad you’re okay. I missed you so much.” Li said kissing my forehead repetitively. I fought the urge to smile. He then pulled away with a serious expression on his face. Oh no, here it comes.

“Ally what were you thinking going into that place, especially where that son of a b*tch was. He could have done anything to you, he could have killed you. And as for that Kelly girl, she could have tortured you to death. When the building caught fire, my heart literally stopped. If anything happened to you; if anything happened to our baby, I would have been able to forgive myself. Ally, I…” he carried on but I put a finger on his lips.

With the little energy I had I whispered “shhh.”

Liam sighed rubbed his forehead, before taking my hand again. “Ally, what were you thinking leaving us back at the hotel?” he questioned.

I opened my mouth to speak but he then put a finger on my lips. “No, I don’t want to hear it.” Another sigh. “It’s all on the past and what matters the most is that you and Zayn and okay.”

My eyes widened. Zayn! Thank the lord he was okay, but where was he? “Where’s Zayn?” I said in a sore voice again. Liam jerked his head to my other side and smiled.

“Over there.” He whispered. I turned my head slowly to the other side of me and smiled. Zayn was okay. He was right there lying down and sleeping. Wait… he was sleeping, right? I looked to Liam and gave questioning eyes.

“He’s sleeping. Zayn woke up a few minutes ago to take his medication.” Liam explained. I looked towards Zayn again. Thank God he was okay. He looked pretty beat up and worn out, but he was a fighter. I knew he wouldn’t give up.

“He is in a much worse condition that you Ally.” Liam explained. “There are burn marks on his body and the doctor said they have been done purposely.” I nodded my head to confirm that they indeed had. That Kelly tortures him like he was some piece of meat. My poor Zayn.

Liam shook his head. “He will recover in time.” I nodded once again. But then I remembered we weren’t the only ones in the fire.

“Li?” I called.

“Mhmm?” He replied.

“Where… Damen… Kelly?” I just managed to get their names out of my mouth.

“Well, the body of a female had been found. They are assuming that was Kelly, although they couldn’t tell because the flesh had been burned of her face.” Liam answered. I just stared at him. She is dead? I would say she deserved it, but I would never wish death on someone. After all she was working for Damen. That never meant that she caused any of the harm she did. Maybe she was being manipulated? But what was done was done; nobody can turn back time.

“Damen?” I asked. He was the one I wanted to know the whereabouts of. He was the one that caused this. He was the biggest threat in my life, he was my biggest regret.

“There was no other body Ally.” Liam stated. “When the fire fighters got in, they only found you and Zayn suffocating from the smoke and Kelly’s limb body. No one else was on the scene when they checked.” Liam said, looking worried. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. We both knew what happened.

Damen Clarke escaped once again. He managed to get out of these situations like he always does. The main thing was that he was very good at hiding. Damen could be anywhere out there, watching and planning his evil ways. After all, the one thing he wants he hasn’t got till date. Me. And one thing was for sure. He is never getting me, or going to hurt my family and my friend. Not ever!

Suddenly I felt something warm land on my stomach. Liam’s hand rested on top, rubbing sooth circles. I looked at my stomach and then back at him.

“I-s… b-baby okay?” I asked. Liam held my face in his hands.

“Our baby is fine, un-harmed and as healthy as can be.” He smiled. “Doc said it’s a strong child.” He pressed his forehead to my bandaged one. “Just like its mother.” He pressed his lips lightly on my lips and pulled away. I gave him the best puppy dog face I could muster up.

Liam laughed “Later, first I have to let everyone know you’re awake.” He kneeled down beside me. “Harry is in the hospital canteen. The rest of the guys are at home waiting for some good news.” Liam said. “I honestly had to force them to go home and rest. I let Harry off with staying with me; he is so stubborn sometimes.” Liam smiled. The corners of my lips tilted up and I smiled back.

Liam pressed his lips to mine once again. “I love you Ally. I will always fight for you.”

Yes. Everything would be back to normal in no time. And we will all be at peace and as happy as we can. Until the next time Damen strikes. He will come again, and I know he won’t give up. Because when Damen Clarke wants something, he gets it one way or another.

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