Fight For You {Book 2 completed}

*Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What will she think when she starts getting cryptic little ‘presents’ on her doorstep early in the morning? And how will she react when there is a note left, threatening the people she loves? Little does Ally know that the horror is hardly over.
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34. Falling apart - Part 2

I glanced at Damen and Kelly fighting and arguing on the floor, oblivious to all around them. This was it. I quickly turned and was about to run forward when the fire stopped me. It grew double the size in just seconds. The orange flames let out solid black fumes which were now beginning to fill the room. I tried to find a way around it, but too much smoke was in my eyes.

I tried shielding myself and ducking around it someone how. If only there was a way. I looked towards Damen and Kelly; they were now trying to kill each other on the floor. Her throat was on his neck and Damen was trying to reach for the scorching rod. However something else caught my attention. Just behind were the two were aggressive, there was a small clearing.

I decided to take the opportunity and go through it, hoping that Kelly and Damen couldn’t see me. I ducked down and went for it. I kept my eyes forward trying to keep my eyes on Zayn. I couldn’t make out his figure anymore. Black smoke clouded my vision. Although I couldn’t see anything, I knew he was still there, struggling.

Once I was past Kelly and Damen, the crackling of fire then became increasingly louder to my ears. My body started sweating of heat and the dampness of my clothes started to stick to me. “Zayn!” I called out. I had to let him know not to give up. I had to let him know that I was coming.

I stepped over a large burning piece of wood, of which I presumed fell down from the ceiling. I almost tripped and burned my leg, luckily I didn’t. I kept moving forward and narrowing my eyes to see if I could see Zayn any better. I couldn’t. “Zayn!” I called again.

Just then a crouched figure faintly came into my view. I sped up my pace, careful to avoid any falling pieces of fire and burning wood. There he was, all tied up and in a malformed position. His eyes were barely open. I ran up to him calling his name. That was a mistake. I inhaled a lot more toxic smoke than I’d realised. My throat became dry and my head started spinning slightly. No, Ally stay focused, you have to get Zayn out of here. I managed to regain a little bit of strength and carried on going until I had Zayn in my arms.

I untied his arms and legs and pulled the tape off of his mouth. He inhaled deeply once before saying my name “A-Ally.” He mumbled. I held him closer.

“Yes Zayn. I-I am here.” I said holding his head to my chest. I looked before us. The little space of clearing was now filled with burning hot flames. More smoke clouded the room as well as my vision. I tired narrowing my eyes to see more clearly, but like the first time, it didn’t help. There was no way out.

My attention suddenly alerted to Zayn coughing. He was inhaling too much smoke and so was I. A runny warm liquid ran down my hand. I looked more closely it was dark and was coming from Zayn. I lifted his head, only to discover that his nose was bleeding. Oh no, Zayn!

I quickly took of his t-shirt and ripped it in two. I rested his head in my lap. We were in a corner of the flame filled room, with nowhere to go. The fire was edging towards us. I took one strip of his t-shirt and put it under his nose. I then too the other half and wrapped it around his mouth and nose like a bandana. That should stop him from inhaling the smoke.

Suddenly my throat became dry and itchy. I still had to protect myself. I took the edge of my t-shirt in my hand and held my nose with one arm. I held Zayn with the other. My vision was going blurry. I glanced at Zayn. He was motionless. A tear slid down my cheek. Please, stay with me Zayn.

I then glanced at my stomach. My baby yet to be born was inside of me. I didn’t know if I was going to even see a little child in my arms. With the fire building towards us, it seemed impossible that anyone would survive this, especially Damen and Kelly. That is if they didn’t escape. I hoped not. What those two did deserved a punishment. They deserved a punishment for messing with me and my family.

My vision was becoming worse. My arms fell limp onto my stomach. With the little strength I had I placed it palm down on my belly. Mommah’s here little baby, mommah’s here. I mentally soothed. My eyes shut. The last thing I remember seeing was a black figure making its way towards us. I didn’t know who it was or why they were here. My brain wasn’t functioning properly.

Along with the sound of fire crackling in my ear, I heard voiced, sirens and cries. I heard sobs, yells and prayers. The last thing I heard was an ‘I love you’ from Liam’s voice and something soft and plush pressing onto my forehead. I was out.

I was being dragged into darkness. I didn’t even know if I was ever to return. I didn’t know if I was to see my friends and family again. I didn’t know if I would ever be back in my Liam’s arms. I didn’t know what was happening to me. All I knew was that there was darkness all around me and beyond. I couldn't get out of it even if I tried.

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