Kailey was a normal 17 year old girl with an obsession for one direction. One day she got the chance to meet them but it went downhill the rest of the week.....


10. why?

Zayn's POV

"KAILEY!!" I shouted, but why? I didnt ever have any feelings for her yeah i got butterflies when she hugged me but i never had an urge to kiss her or call her mine. so why?! why?!! why?!!! and I had Perrie I love her so do I love two girls now. i shook my head trying to erase those thoughts and went over to Louis wondering how he was doing apparently he was silently crying but where was Eleanor? Eh oh well I went over to comfort him " hey man u alright?" "NO!! HAZZAS IN SURGERY AND EL JUST BROKE UP WITH ME!!" I looked at him wide eyed so much had happened in one day!! i just sighed and told him itd be alright he told me to go away so he could think i patted his head and said sure. I heard a punch somewhere and realized it was coming from the mens room..... Niall!!

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