Kailey was a normal 17 year old girl with an obsession for one direction. One day she got the chance to meet them but it went downhill the rest of the week.....


3. What?

I made it to Harrys house and four boys tackled me Harry pulled them off me and tried to introduce them to me but I put a hand up and said " I know who they are I'm a directioner." he nodded and walked away and left me with the four boys. Liam picked me up and ran up the stairs as I screamed at him to let me down. Eventually he let me down and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and we both walked down the stairs together I saw Harry on the phone and Louis, Niall, and Zayn on the couch watching toy story. As soon as Liam heard Woody talk he ran over to the couch and sat on Louis. I laughed and walked over to Harry. He got off the phone with tears forming in his eyes. " Love come sit down" he said to me. " what's wrong Harry?" he told me some big news. " Kailey ur mom and big brother were murdered while in Australia and ur dad is demanding for you to come back to your house." "WHAT!!!??!!" I shouted so loud the boys jumped off the couch asking what was wrong. " I just got here and they just got to Australia!" Harry and the boys group hugged me attempting to calm me down it didn't work I Burst into tears. Harry picked me up bridal style and payed me down on his bed and layed down next to me. I stared in his emerald green eyes I got caught in the moment and kissed him and he kissed me back. I pulled away " this is our only kiss I have leave tomorrow" he looked at me and said " I won't let that happen love" and he pulled me close. We were about to kiss again until we heard Louis clear his throat and we pulled away embarrassed. " Dinners ready lovebirds!!!" I laughed and hit his shoulder playfully. We heard a knock on the door. Harry and me both went to open the door it was my dad and he had a knife.
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