Kailey was a normal 17 year old girl with an obsession for one direction. One day she got the chance to meet them but it went downhill the rest of the week.....


8. What do you mean?

Liam's POV:
I saw them put the heart monitor on him I saw the line flatline I saw him wheeled into surgery I saw everything. Was he dead? What was happening? What did I need to do? I felt Kailey wrap her arms around me. More tears fell from my eyes. How could I tell her I saw his heart stop? " Liam what happened?" she asked I could tell she was crying in the car her eyes were puffy and red. But then again so were mine. I heard Dani and El come in. Kailey stepped aside for Dani to comfort me. I held Dani close and just cried as much as I could which was about half an hour. I sniffled " guys I saw Harrys heart stop...." then Kailey collapsed......
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