Kailey was a normal 17 year old girl with an obsession for one direction. One day she got the chance to meet them but it went downhill the rest of the week.....


5. Please save me!!

Harry's POV

I saw her slump down what happened did she faint did she do that purposely? A thousand thoughts zoomed through my head. I tried pushing my thoughts out but I couldn't I felt tears run down my cheeks as I drove. I heard Liam, " Hey man you alright?" I wanted to say no so badly but I didn't want him to worry. So I said, " Yeah I'm fine. I just want her to be okay and alive." " s'alright Hazza" I nodded and prayed that she'd be alright.

Kaileys POV

The last thing I felt and saw was dizziness and darkness. I woke up and saw that I was tied to a bed and I couldn't get up. I scanned the room and something shiny caught my eye. I whispered to myself as I saw it " moms necklace" apparently dad heard me no wait he wasn't my dad anymore he was a murderous monster. " yeah I took it from her when I killed her. " he chuckled. I Clint believe it. He was the one that killed my mom and my big brother and I was the next victim. I hope Harry and the boys come to save me soon. " Youre such a monster. I can't believe your killed your wife and son and now me next. Your a murderer!!" I screamed. He walked to a room really slowly I swore I heard a clatter of metal. And he came back. " You were right sweetie your next. " he said with a devilish smile. And I screamed. Loud.
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