Kailey was a normal 17 year old girl with an obsession for one direction. One day she got the chance to meet them but it went downhill the rest of the week.....


1. Finally!!

It was the day of my 17th birthday and I didn't think my parents would make a big deal out of it since my sweet sixteen was practically the most boringest night of my life. My name is Kailey Daron. I live with my mom my dad and my big brother Jack. They were the most important people to me! And today started with the most amazing gift.

Kailey's P.O.V.

" Goodmorning mom!! Goodmorning dad!! Morning big bro!!" I said with the cheekiest smile on my face. " Goodmorning Kailey!" they all said gleefully. " does anyone know what today is?" I asked " what're you talking about?" They said in unison. " you guys ok?" they nodded and continued to whisper to themselves. " ok....." I said as I walked upstairs to my room. Just as entered my room my best friend Anna called " hey!" "hey" "something up?" I replied. " no just kinda tired. Wanna go to the mall later though?" " your tired and you wanna go to the mall" "yeah I think I need a little exercise and after that we can go to Dairy Queen and meet up with Darcy!" " yeah sure pick you up in 5!" "alright bye!" "bye!!" I came downstairs and the lights were off and no one was there all the sudden mom dad Jack Darcy and Anna popped out from under the chairs and counters and a piece of paper dropped from the ceiling I looked at them closely then to look up at my friends and family thinking this was a joke I got ONE DIRECTION TICKETS?!?!?
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