Bridge of Light

For the poem competition on the english Movella site :)
Dedicated for my best friend, Keeta <3


1. Bridge of Light

So what if, what if I told you

That, that whatever we do, even the smallest things make me smile?

That I long for your smile, your laughter, for you?

That no matter how sad or scared I am, you can make me smile?


Even though, even though we are so far apart

You are my best friend, best friend in the whole wide world;

You and I, me and you. How many times do we say that each day?

So many times I can not count it.


What does it take, I mean, like really?

That we should live close together?

Talk every day, and be together all the time?

Honestly, it would be great but.. We can't.


You live in the states, I live in Denmark.

And that won't change for a long time, maybe even for years.

But even so, even so we are so far apart, I still think of you as my best friend.

'Cause friendship have no bounds.


So as I write this, I think. Think about you and I.

Think about how much we are the same, how we built a bridge of light between us.

And as I finish this, in the last lines of my first poem ever, I just want to tell you something.

I love you Courtney, more than you even know. And I always will.

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