Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


15. You Scared Me


"BETH!" I shouted as I got off the plane and into the meet and greet zone. I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. "I missed you," I’m said. "I missed you too. After all we are best friends," she smiled as the hug ended. "I thought you didn't know I was coming. "I didn't until about 2 hours ago. I just really wanted to know when you were coming so I had to call your mum and force it out of her" she laughed. "Haha, typical for you. Never like surprises to ya?" I giggled. "You know me all too well my friend," she said putting on a cowboy accent. Well, she wasn't trying to make it cowboy, she was trying to make it Australian, which made me laughed really hard. "What are you laughing at?" she asked. "The fact that you think that's how Australian sound," I said in between my laughing. "Oh shut up," she laughed, "Let’s go. Mum is waiting in the car." She helped me with my luggage as we wheeled it to the car. We loaded it in the car and off to her house we went.  

We got to Beth’s house and I placed my luggage in what used to be the spare room that was now my room. "You want to do something," Beth asked as she sat on the bed. "Well, you could help me put my clothes away and then we can do something," I smirked hoping she would fall for it. I just wanted help with these clothes is all. "Ok, sure," she replied jumping up and putting my clothes in the draws and wardrobe. Score, she fell for it. "You're so blonde," I laughed. "Yeah I know," she said. I face planted into my hands, "Oh gosh. What have I got myself into." "I don't get it," she said like a dumb blonde would. "When I say you're so blonde I mean that you're stupid," I said. "I'm not stupid," she protested. "I know you're not. It's a joke," I laughed. "Oh, ok. That's alright then," she said putting the last clothes away in the draws. "Ok, now we can do something," she said clapping her hands once which startled me as she turned to face me. "Well, can I quickly give Liam a call and tell him I'm here?" I asked. "Ok fine, but I will be back in about 10 minutes," she said as she closed the door behind her. Her beautiful blonde strands followed swiftly with her movement. "I wish I was that beautiful," I mumbled. "I heard that! You are beautiful!" she shouted through the door. "Oopps," I laughed quietly. I got my phone out of my bag and searched for Liam's contact. "Here we are," I said and pressed dial.

"Hello?" Liam answered.

"Hey babe, it's Stacey," I replied.

"Oh, hey..ummh, well," he replied.

"You okay babe?" I asked.

"Yeah, just fine love," he whispered into the phone.

"why are you acting strange Liam?" he didn't sound right. Well, not right, but normal. He didn't sound like his usual self. Was he keeping something from me.

He didn't answer my question, all's he said was, "Look, babe, I can't talk round now. I'm in a little situation here."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"Sorry babe, bye," he hung up the phone. What was that? That wasn't the type of conversation Liam and I would have. "What the hell," I mumbled placing my phone on the bedside table. I heard a rustle from outside the window. I jumped back a bit because the sound was so loud and so close to the window. "Hey babe!" "AAAHHHHHHH!" I screamed and jumped back about 2 metres and hit my back on the wall. "Whoa! You okay there babe," Liam climbed in the window and ran to my side. "Yeah, I'm fine. You just scared me," I caught my breath. "Sorry love," he smiled innocently. How could I resist those luscious, warm, magnificent brown eyes. "That's why I couldn't talk on the phone. I was too busy attempting to climb up the vines to your window," he added. "And you succeeded," I smiled and pecked him on the lips. "I think I deserve more than just a small kiss," he smirked. "I think you're right," a cheeky smile grew on my lips. I rapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with all the love in my heart. He lifted my up, our lips still attached, and placed me gently on the bed. I finally let the kiss go and took a breath. "WOW!" Liam sat there is great shock. "What?" I blushed. My cheeks were turning rosey red, I could feel it. They were heating up quite fast. "Aww, babe, no need to blush," he kissed me softly on the cheek. "Well, why did you say wow?" I asked wanted to know if it was in a good way or bad way. "Well the kiss of course," he giggled a bit. "What about it?" I really wanted to know. "It was one of the best ones yet," he replied. "Really?" I could feel myself blushing ever more. "Of course babe," he smiled. "I love you," I said and gave him a big be hug. "I love you too my princess," he replied and snuggled his head into my neck. I did the same and it felt so lovely and warm. "WHO'S READY FOR SOME FUN!" Beth said as she swung the door open. Liam and I let go of our hug and started laughing at Beth. "Oh, hey Liam," she smiled and waved. "Hey Beth," he replied. "Wait, so if you're here, does that mean Niall is too?" she asked while we were still laughing. "Hey babe," Niall tapped her on the shoulder. "Niall, I missed you," she rapped him into a hug. "I missed you too sweetie," he smiled. Liam and I were finally calm and he asked, "So, should we do something today?" How about the beach," Beth smiled, "It's nice weather." "Okay, sounds good," I said. Beth and I got our bathers on and rapped ourselves in towels and Liam and Niall were already in there bathers. We walked down to the beach that was close to Beth's house. We saw the other boys there and Zayn was with a different girl. It wasn't Liam's ex. Hold up! Didn't he have a girlfriend that went to my high school. I told Liam about it. "Don't worry about it, Zayn gets new girlfriends all the time. They never last," he said. "Ok," I nodded. That's not a good. I mean, what about the girls in the relationship. Except for Tara, I hate her. "Hello boys," I said as we walked closer to them. "Beth! Stacey!" they all came in for hugs. We went for a swim and enjoyed the day. It was really fun. We got out the water and sat on the blanket to chill for a bit when Tara and her stuck up friend started walking our way.


Here we go again. You know, I hate how Zayn always has to have new girlfriends basically every week. It's not fair on them, or on us because sometimes he can get real stuck up bitches who have to ruin our day and Tara is defiantly one of those. "Hey boys," Tara stood in front of the suns ray and played with her black hair. To tell you the truth, she was not even the slightest bit attractive in my opinion. "Hey Liam," she winked. "Get lost freak," Louis said. I know she's trying to make Stacey annoyed. I just hope it doesn't work. "Zayn, I have moved on from you so you don't need to worry about a thing," Tara said looking at him and then fast turned to me. She completely ignored what Louis just said. Stacey moved a bit closer to me as if to say 'He's mine'. It was really cute actually. "Did you not just hear what I said?" Louis raised his voice. Tara just gave him a dirty look and them turned back to see Stacey moving closer to me. "Aww poor Stacey. She feels like she's got some competition," Tara sarcastically said. "No, not with a pig like you," Stacey said back. "Excuse me?" she snorted. "I think you should just go away," Beth said. "Shut up Beth, you can't talk. You going out with some Irish freak that has no looks in him what so ever," he replied. Niall's head dropped down and Beth moved closer and cuddled him. She said something to him but I couldn't quiet catch it, but after she said it Niall looked happy again and they kissed. "Haha," Harry laughed, "I think you're the one that can't talk. Have you seen your face lately?" It made me laugh a bit. "Shut up Liam. Anyway, if I'm so ugly, why did Zayn go out with me?" she proved a point. "Well, because the night I met you at the club it was dark and you had layers upon layers of make up on, so you looked good, but now, get my drift," Zayn said. "He's basically saying that you're super ugly," Louis laughed. "That's not true. Anyway, I can tell that Liam like's me," she flirted with me again and touched my inner thigh. "GET OFF ME!" I shouted pushing he to the ground across from me, "And trust me, I hate you and your ugly." "Hey!" she protested because I pushed her to the floor. "You're a dickhead. You're all are," she growled and got up. She grabbed her friends arm and walked away. "You okay?" Louis asked Stacey and I. We both nodded and cuddled up to each other. "What about you Niall?" Louis turned to Niall. "I'm okay," she smiled and Beth kissed him on the cheek. "Sorry everyone," Zayn admitted, "I know that Vanessa here is the one." "Aww thanks babe," she replied and kissed his neck. "So Vanessa is your name?" I asked. She nodded in reply. "Nice to meet you," I smiled. "You too," she replied. We carried on with our day at the beach and it was really fun from there on.


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