Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


2. New School


     I woke to the fright of my alarm clock going off. Since when did I set my alarm. I leant over to turn it off when I saw a small piece of paper there. I grapped the paper and on it was a note from Mum reading- I set your alarm so you wouldn't miss your first day, cya down stairs in 20 minutes :). I was glad she set my alarm, but at the same time I was so nervous. What were people going to think of me? Was I going to be hated or liked? I slowly got up from my big compfy king size bed groaning at the thought of walking. I stood there and looked around. It was dark, I couldn't  see much, so I walked over to the window and pulled the curtains to let in the glissful ray of sunlight. I squinted my eyes for a quick second, just to adjust. I slowly slid my feet towards the two doors and pulled each curtain one at a time, showing a beautiful view from an amazing balcony. I smiled at the thought of me being able to sit out there for hours after school. I grapped my new uniform off my drawers and went into my bathroom to get ready. I had a quick shower and I got dressed. I got out the bathroom and went to look at my reflexion in my full length mirror. As I stood there looking at myself I tilted my head in question. I really didn't like my brown eyes. There were big puppy like eyes, that's not what I want. Girls say they would die for my eyes, but I think it's all rubbish. Who is going to want animal like eyes. I spotted another fault, my lips. They were too small, but that didn't seem to bother me too much. I scrunched my long brown hair and let it fall over my right shoulder. "Ready," I said to myself. I grabbed my bag that Mum had packed for me and swung it over my shoulder. I went down into the kitchen and saw Mum sat at the table, I went to join her and she pashed me some toast. "Thanks," I said. "So, I'm taking you to school in about 10 minutes, okay?" She informed me. I nodded and stuffed my lunch into my bag. William came running down the stairs with his big private school backpack in really high. "What are you wearing?" I laughed."I can't help it," he moaned, "It's a private primary school, idiot." I laughed even harder. "You will probably be expelled after the first week," I giggled. "Ok, lets go you two," Mum said grabbing the car keys off the table. "Bye you three, have a nice day," Dad called from his office. "Bye Dad," William and I both sung.

     We parked up infront of my school. "Ok. You ready?" Mum smiled. I nodded and jumped out the car. I waved goodbye as she drove off. As I walked pasted the school gates, I could see eyes staring at me. Why were so many people staring at me. One girl even laughed. "What!" I snapped turning back to her. "You have tooth paste on your face," she giggled. I quickly wiped it off and slowly but persistantly ran for the girls toilets. When I got inside I didn't really know why Mum ddin't tell me about it. grabbed my phone out my pocket with tears in my eyes. I went into contacts and looked for Mum. "Don't worry," A mysterous voice said. I turned to see a beautiful girl with blonge hair and greyinsh blue eyes. "On my first day, my skirt was tucked into my underwear," she laughed. I giggled a bit too. "I'm beth by the way. And you are?" she asked me. "Stacey," I answered with a smile. "I love your name," she admitted. "Thank you," I said. "What do you have next?" she asked. I grabbed out my time table and looked. "Dance," I said. "REALLY? Me too," she smiled, "Let's go." She grabbed my arm and led me towards  a big building. "This is the proforming arts centre," she said letting go of my hand. "It's really big," I gasped. She nodded in agreement. "You dance out of school?" she asked me. "Yeah, but I stopped since I moved here," I answered. "Where from?" she asked. "Australia, but I'm anitionally from here," I stated. "WOW! Crikey mate," she laughed. She was cute, she thought that's what Australian say. Well, some did, but they were funny. "Hey Stacey? Do you want to sit with me at lunch?" Beth asked me after dance class. "Yes please, I don't know anyone else," I smiled at her kind offer. "Oh and by the way, you are an awesome dancer, you should take classes here, you don't want to waist that amazing talent you have," Beth smiled. "Really?" I asked atsonished at the kindness of her. She nodded. "What do you have now?" she asked. I scanned my timetable one again and saw Drama. "Drama," I smiled. That was awesome how I had two great classes one after another. "You kidding me right? I have Drama too!" she cheered. We walked into the drama room that was in the same building as dance class was. We dropped our bags on the floor and sat down on the soft ground. "Hello class, as you may know I am Mrs. Brookes and I am your Drama teacher. I rememeber all of you from my class from last year, except you," the teacher smiled pointing at me. "I'm new here," I said confidently. "Yeah, your the one that misses your teeth when you brush 'em," A snoby looking girl said from the other side of the room. "Atleast I actually brush my teeth," I sacastically smirked at her. "Nice one," Beth whispered. The girl fell silent in defeat. "Save it for drama," the teacher interupted, "So, we are working on the play 'One True Story'. Here are the scripts. Does anyone want to tryout for a part. If so, auditions are at lunch," she said passing the booklets around. We went to our own little corners to study our booklets. While Beth and I were reading she said, "Ok, well...that bitch that made fun of you, that is Tara. She is up her self so much only because she is going out with Zayn." Was that like the popular boy or something. "Who's Zayn?" I asked. Her jaw dropped down like she had seen a ghost. "What?" "You don't know who Zayn is?  Off One Direction," she gasped. I shook my head. Was I suppose to know who it was. "He's one of the hottest hotties around. He is in a famous boy band along with 4 other hotties called One Direction. Their voices are to die for," she giggled as she talked about them. I still didn't know. "I will have to show you one of their songs sometime," she smiled. I nodded and we got back to the play. "OHH! STACEY! You should play Francheska, she gets to dance. Can you sing also?" Beth asked. "I think so, only a bit," I blushed. "You have to do it, and I can try out for your sister Eliesa," she pleaded. He eyes had turned crystal blue. "WOW!" I was shocked, "How did your eyes do that? A second ago they were greyish blue, now they are crystal blue." "Oh, it's just the light," she smiled faintly, "So, will you do it?" I gave into her and nodded. "I can't wait, you're gonna do amazing," aknoledged Beth. She was so nice to me. "We better hurry up and learn a few lines by lunch time then," I smiled. About an hour later it was lunch. Beth and I were getting ready back stage to audition. I got my dancing shoes on tighed up my hair into a messy bun at the top. "Stacey Jewelder." I heard my name being called so I ran on stage to the centre. "Good luck," I heard Beth whisper. I looked at her and gave her a huge smile. "So what role are you auditioning for?" Mrs. Brookes asked me from the front row seat. "Franchestka," I called confidently. "Wonderful, the lead role. Good luck. Show us what you got," she enthused. I nodded and got into place. First it was a talking audition, then I would sing, then it would be my dance. "Eliesa! Come quick! I found a mysterious object," I preformed with upper most emotion. "What? Where?" a script helper said. They were just saying Eliesa's lines to help guide me. "Here, come quick. It's moving! I need to follow it, come on! It's going down here," my voice faded as I was imagining I was walking into a deep dark cave. "Amazing," approved Mrs. Brookes clapping hard. I bowed to finish. I moved back into the middle of the stage and I sung one of my own songs, just to give them an idea on my voice. I was singing 'I am Beautiful' by Christina Agulara. I finished my song and all the entire people that were in the theatre helping to sort the play were clapping. My face blushed with red. I looked aside to Beth and she was clapping a lot for me. I smiled at her and turned back to the teacher. "!" she announced. "Ok, my last one is dancing," I said. I got into place and waited for the music to start. I was doing ballet for this dance because the play was included of it. The music started and I started to gently move to and fro. Twirls, spins and leaps were involved so I had to stay focussed. As the song enged I gently bowed down. Claps again came from everyone who was instead of working, watching me. "Amazing! YOU GOT THE PART!" cheered Mrs. Brookes. "What! I didn't even get to audition!" moaned stupid Tara walking onto stage and pushed me out the spotlight. "Tara, I'm sorry, but this girl is perfect for the part," Mrs. Brookes said. Tara looked at me with the most evil look. "That look doesn't suit you, trust me," I smiled and walked off. "Thank you Mrs. Brookes," I cheered waving to her. "Goodbye my younge star," she waved back. I could tell that Tara was angry because her face pilled up with red. "WAY TO GO STACEY!" Beth cheered. I gave her a huge hug, "Thank you for telling me to do this." "Beth Wateram," I heard Mrs. Brookes shout. "Good luck! Break a leg," I joked. She laughed and walked onto stage. She had to do what I did accept for a different role. "You got the part," I heard the teacher praise and Beth came running off and closed me into a tight hug. She was so thoughtful. I love her hugs, they feel so warm and awesome. "Hey you got flexie now?" (*Flexie- you get to leave school earlier than usual*) Beth asked. I nodded. "Great! Come to my house? I can show you One Direction," she offered. "Yeah sure," I agreed. I signed out of school and left to go back to Beths house.

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