Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


14. Lazy Day? No, A Busy Day


I woke up to the freshness of the morning air. Wind was blowing through my window and the birds were chirping. It was so wonderful. You know what is funny though, how your mood can predict how you feel. Like, if I was upset and mad right now, I wouldn't think the wind and air was refreshing and wonderful, I would think it's annoying, cold and messing up my hair and the birds. I wouldn't think they were charming and cute, I would blame them for waking me up haha. But because I'm so happy, everything around me is effected by my joy too. Anyway, I jumped up out of bed and stood in front of the mirror. "What to wear? What to wear? Hmmmm," I spoke to myself. *KNOCK KNOCK* at the door. "Come in," I chanted. "Hello darling. Well aren't you in a chirpy mood this fine morning," Mum laughed. "Of course!" I cheered, "I get to see the love of my life and my best friend." "Well, on that're leaving tonight," she said. "What! YEY YEY! I can't wait," I cheered. "haha We can't wait to get you out of the house either," she laughed. "I am going to miss you though," I sighed. "Don't worry about us," she smiled. "I love you Mum!" I rapped my arms round her into a hug gentle not to squeeze her too hard. "I love you too sweetie," she replied. We held the hug there for about 2 minutes then she pulled away, "Now! We need to pack your suitcase," she smiled. "Okay," I pulled the big suitcase from under my bed. "We might need a lot of suitcases because you're practically going to be living there," she laughed. That's true. We spent about 2 hours packing my bags. When we were finished we sat on the bed. "Okay, get dressed," she smiled. "I can just get dressed before I leave," I laughed. "No, we are going out," she walked to the pile of clothes that they left out for the day. Some jeans and a purple singlet. "What? Where we going?" I asked happy to be going out. "We are going to a cafe on the foreshore just to say goodbye," she chanted. Awesome, this will be fun. "Okay, great. Sounds fun," I cheered. I got dressed and walked down stairs to find Mum, Dad and William holding presents. "What are these?" I asked. "We got you presents as a leaving gift," William smiled. "He's just happy that he'll get your room," Dad laughed. That little rascal. "Well, I can't help it. It's bigger than mine," William stated. "Here," Mum gave me a nicely rapped box with an orange bow. "Thank you Mum," I hugged her and opened the gift. "A....It's a...It's beautiful," I stumbled for words. It was a beautiful silver charm bracelet with the letters of my name. It was amazing. "You welcome sweetie," she smiled. "Now mine," William shoved the gift in my hand. "Hey," I laughed. I opened it and it was a picture frame with a collage of photos from over the years."Aww thanks squid," I scuffled his hair. "That's okay," he smiled. "Here you go," Dad smiled. I put the frame on the side table and opened his present. "Keys?" I laughed. "Yep, to your new car," he laughed. "WHAT?" A new car! Awesome! They were all laughing at my reaction. "haha. But it's in England waiting for you at Beth's house," he smiled. "Thank you so much," I gave him a big bear hug, then I pulled Mum and William into the hug. "I love you guys," I smiled. "We love you too," Dad answered. "Right, should we go then?" Mum suggested. "Yep," I cheered. This is one of the best days in my life and life is only going to get even better over the next few days. We got into the car and drove to the foreshore. We parked up and I saw a huge sign on the grass reading - 'WE WILL MISS YOU STACEY' "Mum, Dad? What's happening?" I asked as I got out the car. "Leaving party," Mum replied. My whole family was there and all my friends from school. I didn't realise it till now that I'm really going to miss everything I'm going to leave behind. My family, friends, beaches, house, nature, kangaroo and the sun. I'm going to miss it all, but to miss it for Liam, well it's worth it. Besides, I can always come back for a while once Liam's tour had finished. "We're really going to miss you," my friend Sarah cried. "Don't cry. You'll make me cry," I laughed trying to stop the tears, but eventually they streamed from my sad eyes, past my rosey cheeks onto my top lip. The salty taste of my tear didn't bother me because, Well, I actually like the taste. I wiped my tears and talked to everyone who was there. This was so amazing. "Thank you so much Mum, Dad and William," I hugged then all individually. "Do a speech," Mum said. "WHAT! NO! TOO EMBARRASING!" I laughed. "Ok, I will start then", she laughed, "OKAY! EVERYONES ATTENSTION HERE PLEASE!" everyone went silent and turned to face Mum. "Thank you. Okay, so...we all know why we are here today and I am thankful for you all coming down," she started. "WOOH!" people in the crowd yelled. There were probably 50-70 people there, most were family. "So, we're are just going to listen to a few words from the girl who we're here for today. Stacey? come up here," he finished. What! NO! I can't do this. Okay, okay, think of it as drama class and we're doing a performance. I walked up to where my mum was and started to talk. "Thank you everyone for coming. I really appreciate that you all took time off to say goodbye. I am really going to miss a lot from here. The beaches, nature, animals, weather, even though I'm not a big fan. Oh yeah, and you guys. Can't forget my good old friends and family. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me now because other people may be wondering the same thing," I said. "Yes, I have a question," my cousin Gretel raised her hand. "Yes?" I responded. "Well, what I want to know is...why are you leaving anyway?" Oh shit, how do I answer this? " see, I have a boyfriend who lives there," I said. I didn't want to tell them who it was. "So you're just leaving us for a boy?" she said. How rude. "Well yes, but he's not just some boy, he's my everything and I love him," I replied. She was getting on my nerves now. I just want to see Liam right now. "Okay then, fair enough. He better treat you right," she laughed. 'Shut up Gretel' is what I wanted to say. She always thinks she’s the funniest and the prettiest. She likes to have everyone’s eyes on her. "Well, it's time to go now Stacey," Mum said. "THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR COMING! YOU MAY NOW DEPART!" Mum shouted to the crowd. "GOOD BYE STACEY!" They all chanted. "BYE!" I waved as I got into the car. "Next stop....airport," Dad smiled. "What about my bags?" I asked. I didn't know I had to bring them. OH NO! "haha. It's okay, I put them in the boot," he replied. I stuck my head over the seat. Oh yeah, there they are haha.



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