Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


6. Just Friends?


    After I sent Stacey the text I went and sat on the coach. *BING* *BING* I got a text back. It was off Stacey and it read: oh hey liam :) sure i would love to hang where do you want me to meet you? x . So she did want to hang. I sent a text back saying: great. come round to mine tomorrow. I couldn't wait to see her beautiful face again. I hope she realises that she likes me back.


*DING DONG* There was someone at the door. I opened it and there stood Stacey....and Beth? Why was Beth here. Maybe Stacey didn't want it to be just us two so she brought Beth so I didn't try anything. I wouldn't anyway though. "Hello cutie," I heard a voice behind me. I opened the door wider and moved aside and saw Niall give Beth and hug and she walk in. "Hello," Stacey said. "Hi. Sorry, come in," I said letting her through. "Thank you," she said very politely, then I closed the door. "You want to get a breeze?" I asked her. Her mouth dropped open, "There's a bablcony here?" I nodded. To my amazement she reacted very happy about it which was great. "I love balconys," she admitted. "REALLY? me too," I said surprised. She nodded. "Let's go to it then," I said walking. I opened the door to let her out onto the balcony. "WOW! The view is so beautiful," she examed. "Yeah, I know you are," I said. I was trying to hint to her that I like her. "Sorry?" she asked. I chickened out so I just said, "Yeah, I...I know it is. That's what I said." She nodded in agreement and smiled. Her smile was so amazing. I needed to sit before I passed out. I fell back onto the deck chair holding my stomach. I was trying to get rid of the major butterflys that circled my belly. "Wow! Liam!" Stacey panicked rushing next to me, "Are you okay?" She put her hand around me. That made it worse. She was so perfect. I have never felt this way about anything, especially not a girl. I was nervous, happy, excited, glad, scared and worried all in one. This had to meen something right. "I just need some water," I said and attemped to run off but I fell when I got inside. "LIAM!" Stacey came rushing for me. I quickly got up. "I'm okay, really. I'm just a bit dizzy that's all," I said walking off into the kitchen. I got a glass out and pulled a jug of cold water from the fridge. I went to pour my drink, but I was shaking too much. "Liam, sit down," she said taking the jug from me, "You're going to really end up hurting yourself." Harry walked in and saw us. "Hello," he said to us. "Hello Harry," she said more focused on me. She passed me the drink and gave me a tablet. "What happened?" Harry asked. "I just feel a bit dizzy and sick," I answered. "You hardly ever get sick," Harry pointed out. He was right, last time I was sick was probably about a year and a half ago. "Mabye it indicates a change happening," Harry teased and nudged Liam. "Very funny Harry," Liam said sarcastically. "What? I don't get it?" Stacey questioned. Harry just laughed at me. "What?" I asked. "You," he said. I guess she didn't bother asking anymore questions because she turned the topic back to me. "You need to go sit down somewhere comphy," she indicated to the lounge. She helped me up. I was a bit better now. She put her arm round me and we walked into the living room where Niall and Beth were sat talking. "Hey, Liam just feels a bit sick," Stacey anounced. "What? Mate you never feel sick," Niall worried. "It's okay. It was just a really bad case of butterflies," I admitted. "Butterflies? Why did you get butterflies?" questioned Stacey. I shrugged, I didn't want to tell her the truth. She helped me sit down on the couch and she sat facing me on the other end. I looked at her beautiful figure and her brown stunning hair. She was amazing. I know, I tell myself that all the time but it's true. "Let's watch some telly," Niall sugested. He turned on the telly but I was still looking at Stacey. She saw me looking so I smiled at looked at the telly.



      My could hear my belly rumbling. It was about lunchtime now and we were just watching a bit of telly. Liam turned to me and asked, "You hungry?" I nodded. "Ok, let's go," he said standing up. "Be careful!" I said worried. "It's okay. I'm fine now. Let's go out to eat," he said reaching out for my hand. I gave it him and he pulled me up. He grabbed his coat, keys and wallet and off we went. I got into his car and I had no clue where we were going. "You going to tell me were we are going?" I asked. He shook his head. We stopped at a Italian resturant and grabbed some pizza, then we walked across the road to a park that had a pond with water fountains everywhere, different types on animals and it was closed in by lots and lots of trees and plants. "This is awesome," I said. He nodded. "Pizza?" he asked sitting down. "Yes please. I love pizza." "Same," he agreed. We actually had a lot in common. I knew that our friendship was going to be a good one. We talked about a lot of different things. I found out that fans thought him as 'Daddy Directioner'. I thought that was cute. I was sort of true in a way. When we finished the pizza we went down to the water to look at the animals. I saw a rabbit jump around in the forest on the other side of the pond. I pulled Liam's jumper to get his attension and I pointed. "Cute," he said. "I know you are," I joked and nudged him. He chuckled then turned to face me. He grabbed my hands in his and stared into my eyes. "Your eyes are so beautiful," he admitted. I blushed and looked down at the floor. This was weird, I could only imagine us and friends, but he was flirting with me. He lifted my head up with his soft hands and kissed me on the lips. He was such a gental kisser, it was amazing, but I pulled away. "I'm sorry Liam, but I only see us as friends," I admitted. "That's okay. I understand. You like Harry don't you," he said. "No, I don't. I just, don't really want a boyfriend right now," I said. He nodded. "Let's go," he said. He didn't even look in my direction at all on the way back to his place. I felt sorry for him. The only reason I didn't want a boyfriend is because I was afraid. I use to have a boyfriend last year and he threatened me, abbused me and luckily I got the police involved before he could do anything sexual. He accused me of being the one that hurt him, but it didn't work. He got locked up. Anyway, I know Liam is not that type of guy, but I'm just scared. We got back to his appartment and I saw Beth. "Beth, I need to talk to you," I whispered. "Okay, lets go. I'll be right back Niall," she called to him. "Okay," he smiled. We went into the bathroom and she locked the door. "What is it?" she asked. "It's Liam. He kissed me," I said. "That's great isn't it?" she asked puzzled at why I wasn't jumping off the roof. I told her about what happened with my ex. "Oh, that's understandable, but Liam isn't like that," she said. "I know, but whenever I think of having a boyfriend, it bring fear into my life," I admitted. "Don't think about it then," she said, "When  you're with him, just get lost in conversation, have fun and do what's right for you. Don't think about every mistake you have ever made." She had an excellent point. "You're right, but he probably wants nothing to do with me now," I sighed.



     "Niall, I don't know what to do. I kissed her but she pushed me away and said that we are only friends, but I could tell that she liked the kiss. She only pushed away when she realised what she was doing," a tear fell from my eye. "Mate, keep trying. Make her realise that she is meant for you. Don't let her slip through your finger tips," Niall convinced me to keep trying. "Ok, I will try my best, but I'm not going to kiss her just incase she pushes me away again and then I deffently wouldn't have a chance with her if that happened," I said. "Good," Niall replied. Stacey and Beth walked into the room we all chatted for a while. The rest of the boys joined us in the living room and we all had a good friendly chat. I was on one end of the couch and Stacey was on the other. When Harry came in he sat in between us, but closer to Stacey. It felt different because Stacey wasn't flirting with Harry like she was the first night, she kept glancing over at me. Oh no, I think I messed things up. I think she feels uncomfortable around me. I deffently have no chance with her now. It was getting late so Niall dropped Stacey and Beth of at the hotel. I led in bed that night and couldn't stop thinking about Stacey. Should I text her? What if she's asleep. No, I shouldn't.



     I was laying in bed that night and I couldn't stop thinking about Liam. I realised that I do kind of have feelings for him, but he probably hates me now. Should I text him saying sorry? What if he's asleep. I really wanted to be talking to him right now. I guess I should just leave it for another day, maybe tomorrow Beth is going over there to see her little crush. I could come too and talk to Liam.

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