Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


11. Forever and Always


      "I feel terrible. The girl I love thinks that I moved onto another girl. I have tried several times already to call her, but she just wont answer. I could text her a message and then she might read it," I said to Niall. I don't think he was listening because he was too busy smiling at him phone. "Huh? What? Sorry Beth just text me," he said still smiling at his phone. "Oh never mind," I stormed off to the balcony of our hotel and let the soft rain drops stick my skin. "This isn't right. I need her in my life. I love her. Why won't she understand," I was talking to myself. Maybe I should text her. I got out my phone from my back pocket and started texting. Hopefully then, she might actually understand.



       *BLING BLING* I got a text. I looked at my phone on my desk. I don't want to answer it. "Stacey, I brought you a nice cup of tea and some biscuits," my mum said and put them on my bedside table. "Hunny," she said grabbing all the tissues off my bed that surrounded me. She put the tissues in the bin, then sat next to my putting her arm around me. "I know that life hasn't been very easy lately with the fright we gave you and having to leave England, but you must understand, life isn't always as you see it. You and Liam had something very special. You can't just throw it all away with assumptions. You need to see eye to eye and get his point of view," she stated. "I already did, he doesn't need to say anything more of it," tears formed in my eyes. "Hunny, that's what you think. You can't keep being stubborn. I know it's hard, but what if your wrong about what he did, what if he actually didn't do it," she rocked me back and forth. "Deep down inside I know that he's telling the truth, but a lot more of me is saying that I should just ignore him and get him out my life," I cried. "Hush...what is you heart saying," and with that she walked out the room to give me space to think. I really love him. What if he is telling the truth? Then it's all my fault for not believing my boyfriend. I reached and grabbed my phone of my desk. The text was off Liam. I opened it to see a lot of words that read-

hey babe,

i know that you are not accepting my calls so i thought that you might read my text. you know i love you and i always will. i wouldn't dream of hurting you one bit and you don't know how much i am hurting right now. it's all my fault, i'm so sorry. i should of never gone to the pub in the first place. please just understand that it was the girl that kissed me and i pushed her away and shouted at her. the paparazzi that put the photos on the internet, well i found him but he would take them down. im so sorry baby, please just call me or text back. i love you xx liam.

Why did I ever think Liam would do such a thing. I love him too and I should of known better then to accuse him straight up. I thought I should text him back so I wrote-

liam, i accept your apology. i love you too and i know you wouldn't do something like that. i'm sorry for accusing you and i know i should of talked to you about it. call me later :)

forever and always- stacey xoxo <3

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