Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


3. Beth Shows Stacey One Direction


    As we made our way to Beths house I started to feel like I had been here before. "Hold on a second Beth," I said. I walked to the end of the street and saw the beach, then I looked to the road on the right of me, "THAT'S MY HOUSE!" I shouted to Beth that was down the street. "THAT'S AWESOME!" she shouted. I ran back to her and we walked into her house. "We can walk to school together now," I smiled while huffing and puffing. Her house was very beautiful. It was similar to mine except hers was only two levels high. "YEAH! That will be awesome. Oh, also, you should see how many one direction posters I have in my wardrobe," she laughed. How much?" I asked. "You'll see," she replied. We went up into her room, it was really beautiful. She opened her walk-in wardrobe and there it was, all those posters. "WOW! You have so much," I giggled. I walked in and they were even on the room, even on the roof. "The only reason they are in my wardrobe is because I have always got a feeling were I might actually meet them, and I don't want to seen too obsest," she pointed out. I laughed. Aww she was so adorable. "Ok, listen to this song," she said, and turned her CD player up and boy band music was blasting out of the speakers. They were okay, I wasn't really into them as much as Beth was. She turned the music down to a level were we could talk and hear eachother. "So, what do you think?" she asked. well, I didn't want to say that I hated them because I didn't hate them, but I also didn't love them. "They are really good," I smiled. "I know. I also entered a competition to meet them and spend a whole day with them. I really hope I win. We find out next week who the winner is," she cheered. She really wanted to win it. "Where do you meet them?" I asked. "Well, the winner gets to go to London for the week and they spend one day with them and then for the rest of the week, you can do whatever you want. If I win, do you want to come? Because it's for two people and non of my other friends like them," she asked. That was sad that if I said no and she won, she would have nobody to go with. She probably wasn't going to win anyway, so I should say yes to make her happy. I care about her feelings. "Yes. I would love to," I smiled and hugged her. "Stacey? Do you think we can be best friends?" Beth asked me. She thought we were best friends, that was great. "Ofcourse Beth," I smiled.

*week later*

    Me and Beth are so close now. I don't think there is anything I haven't told her. *RING RING* I hear my phone ring. I pick it up and see that it is Beth. "Hello Beth," I answer. "How did you know it was me?" she asked astonished. "MAGIC!" I joked. She laughed. "So, guess what?" "What?" I ask. "I WON! I WON THE COMPETITION TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!" she screamed into the phone. Ouch. I had to pull the phone away from my ear. "Beth! Stop shouting, it hurts my ear," "Oh, sorry. We leave tomorrow. You still in?" she asked. I had to go, I told her I would and besides, a free trip to London was great. "Yep, can't wait. We get to miss out on some school too so that's good," I looked to the good side of things. "So, does this meen we get to miss out on school today to pack?" Beth asked. "I guess so. Lets just go with that anyway," I laughed. "Ok, cya soon," she said. "bye" I hung up the phone and put my shoes on. I walked over to Beths house to help her pack. "Hello," I said popping my head into the front door. "Hello Stacey. Come in, Beths just in her room," Beths Mum, Linsey said. "Thanks," I say and went to meet Beth in her room. "Hello!" I say to Beth. She runs up to me and gives me a huge hug. "I'm so excited," she squeals. "I know, it's going to be amazing," I agree laughing at her squeal. "You want help to pack?" I asked her. "Nope, I just threw everything in my suitcase, so it's all done now," she laughed. "I might just do that too then. Hey, you want to sleep at my house tonight?" I aksed her. "YES! I would love to thanks," she answered. Beth went to say bye to her parents and I rolled her suitcase out of her house and onto the road. She came running out and we walked to my house round the corner. When we got into my room we packed all my clothes into my suitcase. For the rest of the night we were listening to one direction, reading mags and doing our nails. It was really fun. We fell asleep at about 7:30pm because we have to get up at about 5:00am. 

"Stacey. Stacey! STACEY!!" I shot up out of my bed freaking out and I saw Beth starting to laugh. "I'm so sorry Stacey. I was just trying to wake you up, we need to get ready to go," Beth laughed. "It's ok," I rubbed my eyes from the state I was it. Gosh, I was so tired. *KNOCK* *KNOCK* there was a soft knock at the door. I walked over and opened it. "Good morning girls," my Dad whispered, "You got to get ready soon okay?" I nodded and closed the door to get dressed. I pulled on some peach jeans and a white jumper, then slipped into some pink vans. Beth got into some purple jeans, a blue sweater and some black vans. "You ready?" I smiled. "YES! I can't wait," she giggled. We got into my Dad's car and he drove us to the train station. We said our goodbyes and we got onto the train. Next stop, London. I was so excited about going to London. One Direction, I wasn't really that excited to meet them, but I tried to act it for Beth. "Remember, don't act like we're obsest," Beth said. That would be easy for me. "Sure," I replied with a small giggle. This is going to be amazing.

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