Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


4. Ariving At The Hotel


     We got off the train and followed the map to the address of our 5 star hotel we were going to be staying in. We caught a cab and the driver was very nice. He was talking about how his kids love one direction and that they have met them once. He was the nicest cab driver I had ever met, so when he dropped us off, I paid him 50 pound extra for his troubles. "God bless your sweet little heart", he thanked and drove off. "He was nice," Beth said. I nodded. We walked to the door and a doorman opened it for us. "Wow! This is classy," I giggled. "Thank you," we both said to him. We wheeled our suitcases to the front desk. "Hi, I'm Beth. I won a conpetition and this is where I will be staying," Beth said to the lady. "Yep, here are you door keys and our assistant here will show you the way. Have a nice stay," she said. "Here let me take you bags," a younge man said, putting them onto a gold trolly. This was high class. This was like what you see in movies. The assistant showed up to our room and we unlocked the door and went in. The younge bloke placed our suitcases inside by the door and bit us good day. "This is really awesome," I smiled. "LOOK AT THE BEDS!" Beth shouted from another room. I ran to her a stood there in shock. Waterbeds? "I think they are waterbeds," Beth said in awe. "Let's test them," I cheered running for one. I just on it and it waved all around, "IT IS A WATERBED!" We laughed. We sat there for about 2 minutes before running to the small fridge and grabbing out chocolate. "Chocolate," I smiled. "Hey, you want to go for a walk around the town. Maybe we can find something nice but casual to wear for tomorrow," suggested Beth. "Ok," I answered. I jumped up and we headed for the door. We took the lift down back to ground and walked out the hotel, not to forget that we don't even need to open the door, it gets opened for us. This was so amazing. We walked around town for about half an hour then we saw a shop we had to buy something from. I had the most beautiful clothes ever. I bought some baby blue jeans and a white blouse and Beth bought a light purple skirt with a white singlet. They were the best outfits we had ever owned. "I can't wait to show these clothes off tomorrow," Beth smiled. "You think we are going to get pictures taken of us from paparazzis?" I asked. "Oh yeah, deffently," Beth giggled. "Oh, I deffently got to look my best then," I laughed. We got back to the hotel and placed our clothes lightly on the extra bed that was in the room. I put some of our clothes that we didn't want to get creased into some draws and then we got our pyjamas. "I am really excited for tomorrow," Beth exclaimed. "Well, we should get some good sleep then so we are looking fresh for the boys," I smirked.


   "Stacey, I can't sleep," Beth said to me over the other side of the now darm room. "I'm too excited," she added. "Just keep your eyes closed and don't talk," I said. "Aren't you excited aswell though?" she asked. I sighed, sat up and turned the bedside lamp on. "Beth, I don't really like One Direction, but I dont have them. They are just okay to me. I came so that you would have a friend by you side, but this is still awesome and I will try my best for you", I fainly smiled. "Awww, you should of told me. I feel like such a fool now," she said. "Don't feel like a fool, cuz you're not," I smiled. "I do really enjoy them though," I smiled. "Ok, lets get some sleep. I'm determined to fall asleep," I laughed. I waited for Beth to get cozy in bed,then I switched the light of and led down to go to sleep.

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