Time is escaping


1. Time



The very first noise, was that of a bird

The very first sound that anyone heard.

Even before the very first word.


After this music was made

And the age of silence began to fade

Then the very first brick was laid.


As mankinf began to appear.

They began wars so invented the spear

This made many men feel fear.


We elected leaders

And became the world's largest breaders.

All before anti-weeders.


We've made the world of plastic

And think it's so fantastic

And cheated fire with a matchstick


When our shoelace hung loose

Electricity was introduced

And the telephone was put to good use.


Now they're called mobiles

And people use files

And can't walk two miles.


Mankind tried they're best

To keep nature at rest

So invented the Nintendo DS


The ipad used power

People forgot to shower

And didn't care for a flower.


Now the world is deteriorating

The world is full of hating.

Time is escaping.



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