Dust and Stone

"I've gotta find a way back." I said to my brother, "Back to what exactly Charlie?" He asked worried "I'm not sure Jack. Just back. Back to not now..."
I take my camera everywhere with me, filming everything, but since that day, the screams all sound the same.


1. Introduction....

Everyone I know , trys their hardest to be good, thinking they will make it to heaven, shake off the devils clinging to their backs. Well not me. I am not interested in heaven as last time I went looking for it, I did not find a devil on my back, I found one within. A devil I never knew was there, never knew existed, never knew what it was like. People say I am the Devil. Others say I am a Dark Angel. All say I am full of deception and rage. All I know it that, one day everyone, including me, will find out my true identity, but until then, it is a waiting game. Through thick and thin, good and bad, everything I do wrong, people trying to stop me, stop my presence, stop me from being me.

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