Dust and Stone

"I've gotta find a way back." I said to my brother, "Back to what exactly Charlie?" He asked worried "I'm not sure Jack. Just back. Back to not now..."
I take my camera everywhere with me, filming everything, but since that day, the screams all sound the same.


2. Chapter 1.

I take my camera everywhere with me, to school, out in town, even when I am going to bed, the camera is there, filming everything. Some people say it's weird and creepy to film everything that happens, but I find it is just an easier way to keep a diary, cause there's less writing to do and all emotions can be caught on tape. Just the other day, as my brother was driving me to school, this idiot of a guy drove right up our tail, beeping us to hurry up. He kept on doing this, my brother couldn't consecrate and got nervous, he started shouting at me, blaming the whole thing on me and I didn't know what to do, so as I sat there, my brother screaming at the top of the lungs and this random guy beeping at us from behind, I felt my hands cover my ears, my mouth open and then words came streaming out my mouth. There was a voice in my head holding me back, but it wasn't loud enough. "GONE! GONE! GONE!" I shouted at the top of my voice. " JUST GO AWAY EVERYTHING! BE GONE! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

I sat and watched as the angry man behind me and my brother went. I sat there and watched everything slip away into darkness. I sat there and watched as my only friend disappeared.

That day still remains in my head, my every thought leading back to that 1 word. GONE. I knew from that point on, that I was something special, but not a good special, an outsider. Paranormal? No. Alien? No. Different? Most obviously, but how? Why was I the different one, and why was I only finding out now?

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