This Is All I Needed

Jade has just been accepted in the Royal Academy Of Dance she is over excited and kept a diary all the way through her time there.


3. What Have I Gotten Myself Into?


We got back just in time for the assembly but the majority of the chairs where gone, so me and Heidi decided to stand.  “Welcome to The Royal Dance Academy, I would like to congratulate all who sit before me as you have made it this far, well done. From now on you will work ten times harder than the rest and keep your grades up anything below a B grade and your out. This isn’t a easy ride to success and fame anyone who thought it was can leave now.” there was a silence within the room , what have I gotten myself into I looked at Heidi her mouth dropped, I had a look around the room to see if anyone walked out but nothing I guess that was a good sign. I stared at the women before me and noticed a gold plaque on her podium it read “Miss Pavlova: Head Of R.A.D” I finished my examination of the grand room just in time to listen to the rest of her speech. It felt like I had been standing for hours my legs beginning to ache I turned to look at Heidi to see how she was holding up but she wasn’t there I looked around and felt a tugging on my sweatpants, it was Heidi she was sat on the floor it was obvious she had gave in with the ache of her legs. The assembly finished on the same mood level as it started, I think we was all expecting to come out like we was on top of the sun. “well that was enlightening, my spirits have been raised” Heidi’s sarcastic comment made me and some people around us laugh we went back to our dorms forgetting we had to unpack our shopping we had bought, it sat their in the middle of the room staring at me it was as if it was challenging me to unpack it all, I accepted the challenge it wasn’t as if it was hard, I tipped the bag upside down causing all the stuff we had bought to fall to the floor. “Heidi did why did you pick up more toilet roll now we have enough for 5 years and one week!” I undone one pack and decided to toilet paper Heidi’s side of the room while she done the same to mine. We finished unpacking but now had to tidy up but neither of us could be bothered as we were both tired. “I think I might go to sleep” Heidi yawned as she tried to get her words out. “yeah me too see you tomorrow” I turned off the light and fell asleep on my toilet papered bed and fell asleep.            
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