This Is All I Needed

Jade has just been accepted in the Royal Academy Of Dance she is over excited and kept a diary all the way through her time there.


4. The Rush


I woke up and noticed their was two letters in our mail box, one addressed to me the other to Heidi, I left Heidi’s letter in there because Im a caring room-mate and couldn’t be bothered to give it to her. I opened my one carefully in case something fell out, it turns out only to be my time table, their was two copies in there so I stuck one on my wall and left one in my bag, I looked at today’s lessons.   Tuesdays: 8:10-9:10: contemporary dance 9:10-10:30:Humanitys  10:30-11:30: Break 10:30-11:30:Pointe Ballet 11:30-12:30: English  12:30-12:55- Break 12:55-1:15-Registration 1:15-2:15- Street Dance   Then that’s my day I have 10 minutes to get ready for contemporary great! ( sarcastic comment) I realised Heidi needs to wake up now other wise she is going to have to rush more than me. “Heidi wake up you have 10 minutes to get to your first lesson , your time tables in the mail box!” I was jumping on her bed so my voice wasn’t as clear but I think she got the idea, she leapt out of her bed and sprinted to the mailbox opening the letter on the way back she throws her time table on the bed and gets rushes in the bathroom. “Heidi you have contemporary dance with me ill get your stuff out while you get ready” I shouted a bit louder than needed. “Okay thanks!” her reply was fast and hard to understand, I got out the bag with contemporary written over it and looked inside, she had already packed all her dance gear into bags without knowing what lessons she had. I went back to my part of the room and pulled out my shoes and put my grey vest top and black shorts on. I found myself running around screaming… I hadn’t packed any hair bands at all! “Wow what’s up with you, nice top by the way” Heidi looked at me as if I had something wrong with me. “I forgot to pack hair bands the one thing that I will need in pretty much every lesson , and I don’t have enough time to go to the shop!” Heidi went over to her bed and threw a little white plastic bag at me. “My mum made me take double everything in case my original ones get damaged.” I opened the bag and saw over 100 black hair bands I smiled at Heidi and began to put my hair into a pony tail, I grabbed my bag and Heidi and went for the door we got outside  I locked the door and pulled out my map, we had 5 minutes to go to the other end of the Academy “were going to have to run”.             
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