This Is All I Needed

Jade has just been accepted in the Royal Academy Of Dance she is over excited and kept a diary all the way through her time there.


2. The Roomate


I gave my mum one of those ill never forget you hugs, we finally released after sometime and I waved goodbye. My welcome assembly started at 3 meaning I had just over 3 hours to un pack and sort myself out I started with the boxes they were sealed with thick cello tape it was like trying to open a locked chest without a key it just wasn’t going to happen. It took me 5 minutes for me to brake in to the first box it had all my shoes and stuff I needed for my lessons I started with my clothes noticing I had to share a wardrobe with my room mate who I have not yet met I decided I would half it all for now.   Box by box my half of the room was feeling more like home with posters and pictures up I then started on the suitcases I had lots of food in their so I didn’t have to go to the shop straight away, I found my way to the kitchen part of our dorm and loaded the fridge and some of the cupboards. I heard a knock on the door I found myself deer leaping towards the door I opened it as if I didn’t have a care in the world there in front of me stood a blonde haired beauty, her eyes clear like the ocean she smiled and introduced herself “Hi my name is Heidi and I believe were roomies” Heidi embraced me as if she was my long lost sister she walked in followed by a older lady I guessed it was her mum she was holding several suitcases. I took some of her mum and wheeled them to Heidi’s bed her mum gave me a weak smile.    “I’m going now Heidi ill phone you tomorrow night to see if you have settled in. Bye girls!” Heidi’s mum waved and left. The door shut and Heidi had started unpacking. “Do you want help with anything?” seeing as I was already unpacked and we had the assembly coming up this was the least I could do. “Oh erm you can help if you want would you mind unpacking that suitcase it has like toiletries in it.” she pointed to a lime green suitcase it was padlocked “Do you have the key to unlock it?” I asked strategically but Heidi’s face dropped a bit once I asked. “I knew I left something at home oh god Im failing already and I haven’t even started dancing” her voice wasn’t as bubbly as the first time we met. “Look if I help you unpack the rest Im sure we will have time to go to the shop quickly and anyway my mum packed us enough toilet roll for 5 years, no sarcasm intended” we both laughed and I showed her how much stuff for the bathroom my mum had packed.   We finished unpacking Heidi’s stuff pretty quickly and had enough time to go to the corner shop. As we reached the shop we saw other new students shopping for certain stuff they forgot or needed before our assembly started. I checked my watch the time was 2:50 me , Heidi and some other students found our self running back to the academy so we could be on time between us we had 5 shopping bags full of various bathroom and lounge stuff.   
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