This Is All I Needed

Jade has just been accepted in the Royal Academy Of Dance she is over excited and kept a diary all the way through her time there.


5. The First Lesson

We got to the class 3 minutes late. We stood outside and i made Heidi knock on the door, a young, tall red headed lady stood before us dressed in a black vest-top with black shorts to match (her shorts were like the exact same as mine!) “Your 3 minutes late but not to worry, I got lost on the way here. I’m Miss Crantor feel free to call me by my first name which is Tori though” she smiled and saw i had one of the schools maps, i expected for her mood to change but i was proven wrong “Oh god you was given one of them bad maps as well, i wouldn’t bother keeping it close to you it isn’t marked very well, anyway go join the rest you only missed the register i shall mark you straight away , were still missing a few students so I’m going to do a little exercise to get to know you lot.” Her arm extended and gestured towards the rest of the students there was a mix of boys and girls just talking waiting to be instructed to do something.

“Right guys I don’t think the rest are coming so I’m going use this lesson so you lot get to know each other as well as me, I’m going to put some music on and i want you to find a space and dance, i want to see how you all dance and how connected you become to the music, use each other and everything around you. I will change the music to see who can snap from one thing to another... this should be interesting.” She spoke dramatically, as if every word she spoke was her last. The music began... it was my audition music, Skinny Love sung by Birdy this was my chance to shine again.

My audition went well I walked in head held high I danced and got great comments, I got told I was in time and that my control was great I just had to work on my jumps. The music started and that’s when I knew I had no choice my heart told me I will do this. I was near enough the front but that didn’t matter as “Tori” was walking round. She changed the music a few seconds after my jump I found myself dancing to Where Have You Been, my reactions to the music changed almost instantly after about a minute the music stopped and we all sat on the wooden floor, Tori joined us but she sat on her customised red a black spiked chair. “you’r all really good and I see why you got your places here at R.A.D well nice meeting you all and I shall see you when I see you bye!” she waved us a goodbye and shooed us out the door. “Wait Jade come back I want to talk to you!” great i thought to myself first day in lessons and I get called back.

“I just had to ask had you used your dance to skinny love before.” Her voice was quieter than earlier

“Yeah it was my audition for this place, my heart told me to do it again so that’s what I done.” My voice sounded strong

“Oh that’s brilliant I’m glad your heart told you to because it was beautiful I couldn’t help but stare, I’m glad I have you in my class, well I guess you should go to your next class bye Jade” she waved as I walked down the quiet corridor, looks like I am going to be late for my second lesson as well... perfect!

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