This Is All I Needed

Jade has just been accepted in the Royal Academy Of Dance she is over excited and kept a diary all the way through her time there.


1. Im On My Way


This was it my time to shine.    I have been dancing all my life my mum used to tell me I was dancing before I was walking. ( to this day I still think she was over exaggerating) as years went on I decided dance was the only thing that made me happy and the only thing I was decent at. I decided I would make a career out of it and what a good one I made.   It all started on my first day at the Royal Academy Of Dance.   5th September 2005:   Dear Diary; Wish me luck…   Today is my enrolment day at R.A.D Im so excited it seems like I have packed half of my bedroom away, Im sad to leave my family and friends but I know this is for the best. I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me and should finish off the last of my packing.  Love Jade x   I was debating on packing my goldfish spongebob and seeing if anyone would notice but realised I had no suitcases left. I waved goodbye to my room and shut my door I made my way to the kitchen and picked up some crisps to eat. “Come on Jade otherwise your going to be late on your enrolment” my mum sounded more excited than me but I was guessing it was due to the fact she could do what she liked once I was gone. My mum is a single parent as my dad decided to leave when I was born (Some Dad he was) but I didn’t mind not having a dad in my life I was quite happy with the two of us together ( three including Spongebob) “Okay mum Im coming just give me one minute I need to do something” I bounded back to my room picking up my favourite picture of my mum and me and left my room for the second time. “Im coming” I yelled I tried my best to sprint to the car but found myself on the floor as I stumbled over my suitcase. “ Oh jade why didn’t you ask for help what ever made you think you could take 4 suitcases and balance 2 boxes on top your not Superwomen” mum rushed over and  helped me up she took the boxes and a suitcase she was certainly on her way to being Superwomen she dumped in the boot and the rest of my stuff in. she shut the boot and we got in and left.


The ride was intense for  a few minutes but I found my ipod to drown out pretty much everything. *BUT YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO CUUT ME OFF* I was in singing mode and no one could stop me. “Jade…Jade? JADE!” My mums voice getting louder as she went, I pulled out my earphones and smiled “ did you call me ?” my mum didn’t seem to find it as funny as I did, I stopped smiling. “instead of going solo with your little in car singing career why don’t you let your mother join you we could be the gruesome twosome or something like that!” my mum seemed serious which on it own made me laugh. But I didn’t want to upset her by saying no. I pulled out my head phones and plugged my ipod in to the car stereo system.*Hey I just met you and this is craaazy but heres my number so call me maybe* we both sang out of tune and time but in our heads we were as good as Gaga or Brittany. My ipod died just as we arrived (now that’s what I call good timing). I didn’t know what to expect apart from a lot of hard work this year. My mum got my bags and helped me carry them to the front reception where I had to sign in. the short brown haired lady gave us a map, she had circled my dorm. As me and mum pushed our way through the narrow corridors full off new students as well of older ones we eventually found my dorm.

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