You Only Live Once

Alexis is in a full on relationship with the only Louis Tomlinson but when Zayn Malik falls for Alex which boy will she choose and what will happen to the relationship between the three of them.


3. Suspicious

Louis P.O.V

Something is wrong with Alex, she's not talking to me. Or the rest of the boys especially Zayn.

" Babe what's wrong with you? Your not talking to anyone especially me and Zayn." I said.

" Urmmm Ergggghhh Zayn said he loved me and tried to get me in his car" Alexis said as she started crying.

He's done it now!!! I always knew I could never trust him, trying to still my girl.

Zayn's P.O.V

" ZAYN!!!! HOW DARE YOU! Do you just think you can turn up and steal my girl and tell her ' you love her and care for her.' You little girlfriend stealer" Louis yelled.

" I don't know what your talkin bout she my girlfriend not yours! " I snapped back.

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