You Only Live Once

Alexis is in a full on relationship with the only Louis Tomlinson but when Zayn Malik falls for Alex which boy will she choose and what will happen to the relationship between the three of them.


2. Confused

Alexis' P.O.V

As I walk down the road a car slows down beside me.
I freak out and start walking faster and faster.
" Hey babe, haha just joking its me" he starts yelling as I walk away. " It's me ZAYN." I suddenly come to a stop and let the car drive back up next to me.
" Get in now. It's not safe walking by yourself ........ You know that and........ You know how much I love you!" Zayn said sweetly.

All of a sudden I start getting dizzy.

Next thing I know I'm laying in a hospital bed, everything is so bright and blurry.
" Bbbaaaabbbbeee" says Louis but to me it sounds really distorted and weird.
I try to get up but fall due to several tubes in my arm and dizziness.
After about an hour I've regained my balance and the doctors have taken the tubes out my arm.

" Ok babe take it slowly" said Louis lovingly.

But I can't stop thinking about what Zayn said to me, did he mean it or was it a joke?
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