Hidden in Darkness (a One Direction fanfiction)

Thalia hides in the darkness, protecting her little sister Addie from harms way. One day, it all becomes too much to handle. Death or escape. Your pick. Escape. But when she runs away, she runs into a boy she never knew could change her and her little sisters lives so much.


1. Weak


I could hear my sister cry out in pain. It was the most heart wrenching sound. All was silent then.. my turn. Addie stumbled through our bedroom door and wrapped her arms around me, sobbing. "Thalia.. Thalia.." She sobbed. I wiped blood from my seven year old sisters forehead. "Shh.. shh.. it's okay baby.."

"THALIA!" His voice boomed. I sighed and stood up.

"No! Thalia don't go!" She cried, grabbing my legs.

"I have to go baby. Just go to sleep. I'll be back soon." I kissed her the top of her head and left the room. I could hear her let out a deep sigh as she climbed into our small bed.

-No One-

Thalia walked down the hall, fingers running along the wall. She went down the stairs to the first level, then down another set of stairs into the basement. He was waiting there. He looked angry. He took Thalia by her hair and threw her to the concrete floor. A sharp pain flooded her forearm and wrist. Shit.. another broken bone. She thought as he kicked her furiously. The entire time, she was silent, screaming on the inside. When he was finished he shoved her towards the stairs.


I ran towards the stairs, grabbing my arm. I didn't stop running til I got back into my room. Addie was staring at the ceiling. "Baby.. I'm back." I whispered, crawling beside her. She snuggled against me as I protectivily wrapped my arms around her, ignoring my protesting broken arm.

-No One-

Once Addie was asleep, Thalia took out a piece of paper and a pencil. On the paper, she wrote, Thalia-Grace Colleen Blake. Addison Isabella Blake. WE ARE VICTIMS.

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