A Seed Of Hope

My entry for the Legacy competition. Check it out and leave a comment! xox


1. The Eagle

Marley coughed as the arising dust from around him filled and descended into his throat. The hot red earth from beneath him was burning his bare feet; the wind darting viciously to and fro and at times moving him off course. The sun was at it's peak and there was no sign of what he was looking for. 

Everything was against him. 

He cried out in anger and frustration as he crumpled to the ground. The decision clouded him like a foggy sky. Either stay here and die or keep moving forward. The temptation was too great. Why keep on struggling to get nowhere with no water and no chance of survival when he could die in peace and dignity at his own will here?

Marley closed his eyes and waited. He waited for anything- a sign, a voice, anything that would tell him what to do.

Then the sky burst into a series of loud caws and squeals. Marley raised his head slowly and there in the blue walls of the sky was an eagle swooping above. The majestic creature hovered just over Marley's head as if it was waiting....for Marley.

Marley arose from his knees as the bird took off. The eagle flew slow and steady as if it was guiding him and Marley followed obediently.

A couple of minutes of walking passed as the eagle directed him North. For once in the twenty days he had been in this desert, Marley didn't feel tired, hungry or thirsty. It was as if the Eagle had strength and so did he. 

The eagle had empowered him.

In the distance, Marley began to make out shapes that lay in front of him.

First, a tree, then a small mountain and as they got closer, a large hole in the ground came into view. Marley knew that meant one thing- water.

The eagle settled down on the branch of the small tree as Marley dived into the fresh spring of water that lay before him. 

That night, after Marley had filled his water capsules, bathed, drank and washed his clothes, he settled down under the shade of the tree. The eagle still remained perched on the tree as Marley's mind began to drift and his eyes fluttered close. 



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