My Minute With Them

Cassie is a teenage girl at a normal high school but she has a disability so what happens when she meets One Direction?


1. My Minute With Them

Waiting in line for One Direction, is like trying to climb a mountain, the line is massive. My older sister Bella had somehow secretly got VIP tickets to see my favourite band One Direction.

Bella had rung me last night from her work, saying she had VIP tickets, which is absolutely great, but she also said. She had sent them a letter, about my disability Cerebral Palsy; furthermore they would love to meet me and here about my disability and get to know me.

I squealed in Bella’s ears and gave her an enormous hug, when she got home from work. I couldn’t sleep or eat last night, seeming today, the 14th of April, the day; I’m going to meet One Direction.

Every girl in the world is in this line, or there about, we are roughly three people away from the ticket booth, to collect our tickets. My heart is racing past four hundred miles an hour, the freckled blonde curly haired girl in front of us, has six different posters, she wants them to sign. She is going to be there for quite a long time. All I have is my I love 1D jumper on, because my family is struggling at the moment, my parents James and Zoe are living on one wage. My mum only works three days a week, my dad’s looking for a job, god help my sister, she’s in year twelve, studying and working any spare hours she can.

Then there comes me, sixteen year old Cassie, Cerebral Palsy girl, is what I’m called at school. I have been bullied since year seven. In my first year of high school, on this one specific morning, I was walking to my tutor room, with my two morning subject folders, Maths and R.E, the heaviest folders in my locker. I am only 4 foot 8, in height, I am small, and my books were covering my eyes, so I could not see where I was going. Then accidently bumped into Principal Savage, dropping his spilling, his coffee all over him and my books scatted on the floor.

Every man and his dog in my year level saw it and that’s how I got my nickname Cerebral Palsy girl, CP for short. Also I am average weight not to fat not to skinny and very shy. I am not one of those mean and stick thin like the popular meanies, off the movie Mean Girls.

While I daydream about that bad day, Bella nudges me to get out of that mood, because we are next in the line for tickets, my tummy has huge butterflies in it, the side of a hippo. Bella walks up to collect the tickets.

“Hi my names Bella Tully I’m here to collect-“The ticket boy cut her off.

 “Come with me”. He whispers Bella and I follow him into the hallway off the One Direction boy’s dressing rooms.

“Hey,” He says taking off his fake facial hair.

“It’s me, Louis, from 1D”. He whispers leading me and Bella, to the big room where One Direction, were rehearsing.

“Hey boys, look whose here”. Supposed Louis, giving the other boys a wave:


The boys say as they step down from the mini stage.

“Which one of you is Cassie, the special girl we are meant to meet today?” Asks Liam moving in between us;

Bella slowly backs away and I give her my, “I need help now!” stare.

Cassie slowly walks back, ever since she had been told she was ugly, by the guy she had a crush on in year 7, she’s been a free boys girl. But…today will probably change that. Liam slowly walks past her and grabs her hand and pulls her towards them.

“This is Cassie”. Liam said dragging my hand up to his head.


“Cassie’s a bit shy…” Sighed Bella as she moved toward the boys.  

Because Cassie is so shy, she couldn’t take it anymore and ran out of Harry’s dressing room, into the passage, between the rooms.

“Should one of us go find outs what’s going on?” asked Naill as he brushed his hair lightly looking in the mirror.

“Well….I’m not sure, my sister can sometimes be hard to crack…” Quietly said Bella, under her breath:

“Well, I guess I could try” Recommended Harry, while shrugging his shoulders.

Bella exchanged looks with the others boys; they all agreed that Harry would be the one to break the ice, with Cassie and why she ran out of the room.

Harry shrugged and slowly walked out to, try and find where Cassie, was hiding. 

“Hi Cassie, its Harry, come on out from where you hiding, I’m not going to hurt you” Harry whispered just so Cassie could hear. She was hiding in the corner of the hall.

“Hey…” Harry says finally finding me. “What’s wrong?” He asks slowly sitting down trying not to get in Cassie’s space bubble.

“I…I” Cassie begins, she’s a little shy.

“You a bit shy? Scared?” requests Harry, as he puts his arm round Cassie. “What’s bursting your boil?” Cassie gave him a little smile, Harry is the only person who has made her smile or laugh for a while.  

 Cassie's eye's flickered from Harry to his jumper around the back of her neck.

"It couldn't hurt to tell him my disability bullying secret could it?" She thought. She began to think what to say in her head when Harry said. "Would you like to go for a walk?"

His hand grabbed my jumper as Cassie got up, she felt like a real girl not a stupid small chick who surfs and has a disability. While she was thinking about something good, Harry slowly moved in closer as Cassie began to tear up, she didn't know why either did Harry.

"Cassie are you alright whats wrong?" Asked Harry slowly cuddling her into his big thick jumper.  

"Well, I haven't told you this but I have a disability, called Cerebral Palsy I'm wearing splints on my left arm and leg now, I'm ok if you don't like-"

Before Cassie could speak anymore Harry kissed her slightly on the lips, wiped away her tears and they sat in that one corner for the remainder of the day until Bella said it was time to go. But then Harry spoke up and said.

"If it's ok with you and Cassie's family, the guys and I have been talking and we'd like to adopt Cassie to help her finish high school and take a bit of the weight off your shoulders".

Bella talked to her mother and father and they supported it 100%.

Cassie's minute turned into a lifetime. Don't worry Bella and Cassie's parents are still involved in Cassie's life :) It just takes some stress off them and trying to provide for Cassie's needs.

(I know what that feels like I have Cerebral Palsy)

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