Im Glad I Have You

Harry Meets Lauren and their world is complete until her Father has an accident and they become even closer than they thought....


4. It Was Only a Dream

I woke up to the smell of maple syrup and bacon. Dad must be cooking again, as i stretch i place my feet on to the wooden floor and make my way into the kitchen. I look at the family table and its filled with stacks of pancakes drowned in maple syrup and plates of bacon on the side. I sit down in my seat and grab a knife and fork and cut into the pancakes. My mother frowns at me and choosing to ignore her she makes a forceful "excuse me" cough.

" What?" i ask

" Would it hurt to say good morning to your family?"

Somethings has gotten mum's panties in a twist this morning. I myself am not in the best mood from a gig that lasted till 3 this morning and only being 11 now and it was not time to pick a bone with me.
" Good morning family. Is that better mother?" i reply with a tone she never agrees with.

She places her knife and fork on her plate and gives me a stern look before she chooses to open her mouth. She clears her throat and then out she blows.

"Lauren, that is not the way to speak to your mother or your family. It was very rude the way you came out here and chose to sit down and not say hello to anybody. I tell you, you have become so lazy you do expect everybody to stop and do everything for you"

"Karen, stop hassling your daughter she has only just woken up from a late nigh gig, leave her be" my father steps in.

I sit back in my seat and look at mum's facial expression change once an infuriated mother to a forgetful mother. Now it was time to clear my throat.

" Could i please have a glass of water dad?"

Heading over to the kitchen sink he opens the tap and i watch the cool water poor out, as he goes to hand me the glass he trips on one of the wooden boards sticking out and the glass smashes onto the floor.

Harrys POV

I was given the biggest fright when she woke up screaming. She told me all about how she dreamt about waking up one morning when she was still living here. She told me how it was after a gig she had a few months back, Her mother was having a go at her because she wouldn't say good morning. Then at the end of the dream he spilt a glass of water over the floor and the glass smashed. But she said to me her favorite memory was every sunday morning he would make his and her favorite; pancakes and bacon, they'd all ways share a drink in the morning and he would always trip over a floor board sticking out from the ground.
She was wrapped in my arms safely and at one point she started to cry in her sleep. This also started to upset me. But i had to stay strong for her, she needs me and she needs my support. I love her.
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