Im Glad I Have You

Harry Meets Lauren and their world is complete until her Father has an accident and they become even closer than they thought....


6. I'm Leaving This Town


“...I'll find the words to saaa-aay, before you leave me todaaaa-aaay...”

The boys finish moments and dad was carried down the aisle, as the crowd followed, we made our way outside to say our final good bye before his cremation. The hurst drove away and everybody headed back to the house.

I noticed that Colton was more upset than ever. Not just because dad was gone but something more than that. Some people wouldn't see it but I could, I knew him and he was not himself. He has been in a blur for at least ten minutes straight so I pulled a chair up beside him and sat down.

“Cole, whats going on?”

“It's a funeral Lauren, do you expect me to be happy?”

I shake my head. “Cole it's not just that, there is more too it, I can tell by the way you have been acting since I got here and still nobody has told me.. no body has passed, its killing me for not knowing”

He looks at me, with his tear filled red eyes and I look at him.
“It was a car accident, he went for a drive thursday night, another car, had crossed lanes over taking another and didn't see him coming”
I start to break into tears. “But he never goes out on thursdays, thats movie night”

He looks at me and sighs, “I know”

“Then why was he out Colton?”

“Mum, mum...”

“Mums over talking to Uncle Ross and Aunt Jess”

“No, Mum..”

“Mum what?”


That one word exploded in my head. Like a shattered glass. IT was everywhere in my head.


Harrys POV:

“You did this! I can not believe you! I leave for not even to flacking months and you go and do this. You did this to him. You!” Lauren was furious, it was scary, I heard her from the other side of the house. She was screaming at her mother and I have never seen her this infuriated, her mother started crying lauren was balling her eyes out and I went to pull her away but she pushed me away and yelled. Screaming, crying.

I tried to pull her back again, and this time she melted in my arms broke down once again and her mother, sitting on the floor. Her whole family was in shock, Colton had left the room as soon as she opened her mouth and everybody just watch her blow.

“First thing in the morning we are leaving” she told me. “No exceptions, i will never ever forgive her.”


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