Im Glad I Have You

Harry Meets Lauren and their world is complete until her Father has an accident and they become even closer than they thought....


5. Good Bye

Lauren's POV
Today was the day. I couldn't believe it. Today was the day I had to so my good byes for one last time to my father. The boys had arrived from london and Harry went with Colton to pick them up from the airport. I was at home with my mum and grams and I still didn't know how this day came so quickly. So I got out of bed and looked at the time, 9 o'clock in the morning the funeral was at four so I went into the living room and sat on the sofa next to gamma, I always called her gamma.

“Morning Gamma”

“Morning dear, how was your sleep?”

“It wasn't the best, I kept going over times when we would sit a the table and have breakfast”

“Well honey do you know what that means?”

I shake my head, “It means, he's still with you, he may not be here now but his spirit is, he's living with you everywhere you go now”

A tear starts to fall down my face I wipe it away with my sleeve and look at gamma. The door handle twits and he door opens i turn to see Harry who walks through the door and calls my name looking for me, the boys follow after him making their way into the living room they start babbling on about the food on the plane. Niall being himself as always was going on about the mashed potatoes they had served
"They were probably the nicest mashed potatoes i have had on a plane" he tells Louis
I have a giggle at that. Harry sits beside me and asked how i was doing. I could tell he was worried about me i woke up a few times during the night, i am surprised he managed to get some sleep.

" I'm feeling okay not the brightest but okay"

" You'll get through this babe, if you need anything i am here for you, okay?"

I give him a tight hug and rest my head between his neck and shoulder. We sat in the living room for a good ten minutes an decided we all needed a descent breakfast, Niall makes really good omelets and I nicely asked him if he'd like to make some food; the reaction on his face was so funny his eyes widened he nodded his head and almost looked like a dog wanting it's stick.
Sitting outside on our deck we all sat quietly in silence, allowing everyone to relax and keep to themselves. We watched the sun move across the sky before it reached midday the empty plates on our laps had soon made their way to the dishwasher and we all had to get ready for the funeral at four . It was coming to the time when we had to be seated. Myself Harry, Colton and his girlfriend Ruby, Gamma and Mum sat in the front row and our relatives seated behind.

"We are gathered here today to say our good byes to Collin Jakes. A man loved by many people, who got along with everyone, he smiled when the times where bad to try cheer up the ones upset he would stand or something he believed in. He had a strong character." the lady told
" Would any one like to say a few words?"

Uncle Ross went upon the platform to share memories of their childhood how they always went into the forest where their hide out was built.
It was truly amazing to listen what people had to say about Dad, it made me realize half the people here today made him, him.
Once he had finished talking, stuffed the tissues into my pockets and stood in front of everyone.

" I'm going to sing a song that my father always loved, he used to sing it to me every night, this is free falling"
Everyone was tear filled when i sung the song and i could barley finish it.
" I love you Daddy " and i leave the stage.
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