Im Glad I Have You

Harry Meets Lauren and their world is complete until her Father has an accident and they become even closer than they thought....


3. Dad


I pick up the phone, “Hello”

“Hey Sweet heart, I have something to tell you...”


Harry's POV

The phone conversation was long. When she answered to her mum her face dropped. Her eyes swelled up and she headed into the bedroom. I didn't know what was going on. All I know it wasn't good news. I didn't want to interrupt the conversation so I waited for her to come out of the room. But three hours had passed since then and I know something was wrong.

I knocked on the door gently trying not to get all her emotions mixed up.

“What!, what do you want?” I can tell she had been crying, her voice is all choked up.

“It's me love,” I tell her “Can I come in?” I ask as I peep my head through the door.

She nods her head and I make my way to the messy bed where she was sitting curled up in the pillows. I sit next to her and wrap my arm around her waist.

“It's my Dad” she chokes out.

“He, He.......” She tries to push out the words but I can almost tell where this is heading. Im still confused on what the situation is.

I hush her, kiss her on her forehead.

“He's gone” She starts to cry even more, she dug her face into the pillow that already had so many tears caught in the cotton pillow case. I was shocked at the news I heard. I had only met... Now I start to choke up. I squeeze her tightly, letting her know that I am here, always will be. I knew how close she was with her dad, they were like two peas in a pod. Lauren pulled her head out of the pillow and squeezed me, lay her head on my chest; soon enough I was crying with her. We sat there the whole night in silence in the bedroom. We ended up falling asleep in each others arms. I got a huge fright, she woke up screaming in the middle of the night, I tried to calm her down a little bit, I held her close and didn't let go.

I didn't like seeing her like this.

“Tomorrow Morning, I am booking flights to Doncaster, we are going to go see your family” I tell her.

“Okay” she sobs and lays down on my chest.


Lauren's POV

Words can't describe. He was here yesterday, alive. But now, I, I feel completely lost. The relationship I had with my dad, I could tell him anything and everything. I am a Daddy's girl, I was his princess. All I know is that I want to be there with my Mum, Brother and Grams, I wanted to see them, I needed to see them; I was over due for a visit. I haven't seen them for a month and a half. ; a month and a half of my dads life without me there, to be with him before his last moment passed.

The flight was short I had Harry there with me, i didn't want to go by myself; i needed him here with me. My arms and legs felt really heavy, I wanted Harry to carry me but i had my luggage to carry so did he. The family were there waiting for us, it wasn't the happy screaming " You are here! I can't believe it" kind of moment. It was more like "Hey sweetheart, haven't seen you in while, you been okay?" kind of moment. The ride home was silent, there was some chatter when Harry held my hand the whole time and it was good because I didn't want to let go.

" I love you"  he whispers in my ear

" I love you too"

I pulled my hair into a messy bun, sitting in the back of the car wearing Harry's jumper and my fat pants that I've had for 2 years. Then entwine my hand in Harry's. I had noticed he started to drift off to sleep, and this made me feel tired too.

“We are home, grab your stuff and go put in your room Lauren” Mum nudged me awake.

I yawned, moaned at the thought that I had to move from the comfortable position I was in, tucked in between Harry's neck and shoulder. I nudged Harry awake, he was a very deep sleeper so it took a couple of minutes trying to wake him. Once we were in the house it immediately reminded me of dad. I dropped everything in my hands fell to the floor and next thing I know Harry had swooped me up and took me into my room.My room, it had light pink walls with white window sills, decorated walls of tumblr photos and my queen sized bed was so inviting to lay in I closed my eyes and thought over everything. My Family, My dad, Harry, My Dad. Harry makes me happy, He the only guy that makes me feel this way about him. He is the boy who makes my heart race, with his smile, his laugh, his eyes, his hair, his personality his little naked obsessions, his love for me and His family and his 4 Best friends. The boys where catching a flight here tomorrow, They'd be singing a song at the funeral. So will I. I'd sing my dad's favourite song. I know this wasn't easy for Harry and the funeral was in two days.


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