Im Glad I Have You

Harry Meets Lauren and their world is complete until her Father has an accident and they become even closer than they thought....


1. Sunny Days


He is an angel, i couldn't help but day dream about his handsome face, his amazingly gorgeous curly hair and those blue­-green eyes that make tingle all over every time I look at him. The way he wears his tuxedo, with his little secret agent bow tie, and that smile he always has on his face, that makes me smile too.

"Hey babe, How are you?" He sneaks his hands around my waist and gives me a peck on the lips.

I cant help but blush "Now that you're here, absolutely perfect.”

I couldn't help but notice his grin had grown bigger, with his cute dimples and his perfectly straight teeth and I still have my braces on for another month. I don't know how we found each other, but i'm glad I found him, he makes me the happiest girlfriend in the world. My name is Lauren. Lauren Jakes. Seventeen, long brown hair, brown eyes, tallish.

“This is taking forever, I have been waiting in this queue for 5 minutes all ready” I moaned. “Well love, you wont have to wait much longer because your up next” He tells me with his gentle husky voice.

The one time we choose to stop in McDonalds there is a massive queue, and all I would like is one simple chocolate milk shake. They should make an express lane that does't involve driving in your car around the back and ordering from a person talking into a machine.

“Thank-you”I smiled to the girl who served me and walked out the door, holding hands with the boy I love.

“Taste good?” Harry eagerly asked me, reaching for the large card board cup. “Delicious” I reply taking another sip just to tease him. I let him have a sip of the shake, but in his case a sip is 5 mouth fulls. He gives a big sigh and as we carry to walk along the beach just outside the fast food restaurant. There are a lot of seagulls out today, and paparazzi. Each time we go out there will always be paparazzi following after us, I didn't really mind a couple of photos with Harry: it just happens all the time. On the cover of magazines headed ' Day Out For Laurry', Harry looked great with his ray-bans and cheeky smile but me on the other hand, I never posed for the photos I just smiled and answered a few questions, never looked the best even though Harry insisted that I look beautiful everyday with or without make up on. Thats what I liked about him, he never failed to keep a smile on my face or laugh with his cheesy jokes. I'm surprised I had found a boy like this usually they are arrogant and care about themselves like my past failed relationships. But all that matters right now is Harry and I. After the paparazzi had finished flashing there cameras and asking so many questions we decided to head back to the apartment and watch a movie.

It was nice to kick our feet back and relax watching Love Actually, we both cried. As we snuggled under a big blanket as the night started to cool, I noticed the boys weren't back yet from their dinner dates so they must be having a great time. “that was a good movie” Harry sniffed and wiped his eyes.

I giggled a little bit “ Your so cute when your like this”

“Like what?” he replied.

“Just the way your sensitive, handsome, lovable person that I know and love.”

Oh no, I thought too my self thats the first time I had told him I loved him. I didn't know what is going on in his head right now. I hope he feels the same. Whats going to happen now?

“I love you too” he says softly. I look at him in the eyes, I get lost in them; they're just so beautiful. He kisses me gently. His lips are soft; every time we kiss fireworks go off in my head. I kissed him back, I didn't want this moment to end.

“Hey, you two. Missed me” Louis came through the door.

Our lips unlocked, we both sighed. ”Great timing Lou” Harry said unhappily.

“Sorry guys, did I interrupt your love sesh?” He asks teasingly.

“Yeah” we both answered simultaneously.

He slowly starts to back out of the way into the kitchen where Kat, his girlfriend was waiting. You could here them laughing, it echoed through the apartment. I think we could both tell that they knew what was happening in here and they planned to disrupt. I had a giggle to myself about that. “ What are you laughing about?” Harry nudges me.

“Those two are so cheeky” I say.

“I know” He giggles as well.

I give him a peck on the lips and in an instant we are both lip locked. His body heat is radiating on me and I can feel his heart starting to race, mine does the same. I managed to sit on his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. His hands are at my waist and I love how I feel this way about him. I know he does too. It's almost midnight now, my eyes are half open and I started to drift off to sleep.


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