New Beginnings

Abby's POV
I couldn't believe what Harry had told me. Could this really be happenning? or was this some weird kinda dream I was in. I didn't know what do stay friends or take it it to the next level. I didn't want another heartbreak after everything that happen with me Jason. I just really have to think this over.

Harry's POV
I finally had the guts to tell her tonight how I felt and didn't get the reaction I expected to get . She just look at me seriously, did I scare her off? or was she just shocked? Maybe I should have waited a little bit longer after all she did just get out of a relationship. I just don't want to lose her she's my everything in simple words I love her.

Jason's POV
Seeing Abby tonight with another guy just tor me up inside. Seeing him make her smile, blush, and laugh like I use just ate me up inside. I know it may be to late to get her back but at least I can try. I just gotta get her back!


4. New Beginnings

Harry's POV
I definitely scared off Abby yesterday. What was I thinking she has a boyfriend and she obviously in love with him. Why else would she put up with all his excuses and lies. As I sat there thinking about her I heard a knock at my door. I opened it and in my arms flew Abby crying and sobbing I grabbed her an held her close to me. I comforted her and lead her to the living room what's up Abbs why all the tears? I asked "it's Jason I caught him cheating on me right after I left the restaurant I went to his house to tell him what had happened between us when I walked on him doing some blonde chick. She started crying again. It's okay Abby everything's going to be alright I said. Spend the night with me and I'll take care of you and make you feel better. Huh? How about it? She smiled "okay."

Harry's POV
It was weird how everything played out I thought. I pushed the thought away all I was concentrated was on comforting Abby making sure she was okay. I tried making her smile or laugh all evening but no luck. So I decided to try another tactic i leaned in and kissed her by her reaction of kissing back I knew she liked this and wanted this. I pulled away. She smiled. Abby I asked do you have feelings for me? She looked down well to tell you the truth when you kissed me at dinner last night I couldn't help but to kiss you back the butterflies in my stomach just told me to. I smiled. I kissed her pationately and before I knew it I was half naked laying on top of Abby's half naked body caressing her body slowly kissing every inch of her body. I wondered what was going on in Abby's mind.

Abby's POV
I had never gone this far with Jason well anybody Harry was the first. I don't know why but with Harry it just felt right. As he kissed my forehead, my nose and then my lips and whispered if i was ready in my ear I knew this was was the beginning of something wonderful.

To Be Continued....
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