New Beginnings

Abby's POV
I couldn't believe what Harry had told me. Could this really be happenning? or was this some weird kinda dream I was in. I didn't know what do stay friends or take it it to the next level. I didn't want another heartbreak after everything that happen with me Jason. I just really have to think this over.

Harry's POV
I finally had the guts to tell her tonight how I felt and didn't get the reaction I expected to get . She just look at me seriously, did I scare her off? or was she just shocked? Maybe I should have waited a little bit longer after all she did just get out of a relationship. I just don't want to lose her she's my everything in simple words I love her.

Jason's POV
Seeing Abby tonight with another guy just tor me up inside. Seeing him make her smile, blush, and laugh like I use just ate me up inside. I know it may be to late to get her back but at least I can try. I just gotta get her back!


2. Is This Really Happening?

Harry's POV
"Um Hi there."
She looked up at me wow did she have the most amazing eyes.
"Oh hello."
"May I sit?"
"Sure, take a seat."
"Are you okay? I saw how your boyfriend was mistreating you."
"Yeah. I'm fine, he's a really nice guy it's just sometimes he can be a real jerk without even noticing it."
"Really? Cause the last time I check you never mistreat a beautiful girl ever."
She blushed.
"Hehe, oh stop it you."
"No I mean it. That was just wrong of him to do. You treat girls with respect and never try to hurt them and make sure to give them the world." I smiled at her.
She smiled back. "True but sometimes guys forget."
"They should never forget." I answered in shock.
"Um sorry what did you say your name was?" she asked obviously trying to change the subject.
"Oh sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Harry Styles."
She giggled "from One Diriection right?"
"Yes." so you do know who my name.
"Yeah. Just wanted to hear your introduction. She smiled.
I smiled back. This could be the start of something I though to myself.

Abby's POV
Me and Harry spent the whole Afternoon talking and drinking Tea. I basically told him my whole life story how I had met Jason in the 6th and we'd been together since then. He told me his life story and how he started off being in a band called White Eskimo before auditioning to be on the X-Factor. As we exchanged phone numbers, shook hands and I started home I thought about how I always made up a mistake for why Jason treated me so badly. Why did I always defend him when he didn't deserve to be defended. I guess I just loved him so much to ever except people talking bad about him. Besides I knew Jason was good to me under all that jerkiness. We just had to work some things out.

Jason's POV
As I drove to Abby's house I thought about what happened earlier in the cafe today would she forgive me this time again? I got to get house I threw a stone at her window. She quickly got up and opened the window.
"Oh Rupunzo, Rupunzo let down your beautiful hair!"
She laughed.
"Hold on I'll get the ladder."
She rolled down the rope ladder.
I climbed and climbed into her bedroom. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her pationately. I had to ask her if she was still mad at me. I asked her in between our kisses
"Are you still mad at me?" she stopped kissing me.
"Do you think if I were still mad at you I would have let you in?"
"Um yeah look at me!" I gave her a sexy look.
She laughed and pushed me.
I grabbed her by the waist again and kissed her passionately. Before I knew it we were on her bed kissing and rubbing up against each other. God did I love her! She took off my shirt. I moved my hand all over her body and caressed her. Just when I was about to take her blouse off she stopped me.
"What are we doing?"
"About to make love of course baby." I told her in my sweetest voice
She gave my shirt and asked me to leave.
"But babe..."
Before I knew it I was climbing down the rope ladder to my car.
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