New Beginnings

Abby's POV
I couldn't believe what Harry had told me. Could this really be happenning? or was this some weird kinda dream I was in. I didn't know what do stay friends or take it it to the next level. I didn't want another heartbreak after everything that happen with me Jason. I just really have to think this over.

Harry's POV
I finally had the guts to tell her tonight how I felt and didn't get the reaction I expected to get . She just look at me seriously, did I scare her off? or was she just shocked? Maybe I should have waited a little bit longer after all she did just get out of a relationship. I just don't want to lose her she's my everything in simple words I love her.

Jason's POV
Seeing Abby tonight with another guy just tor me up inside. Seeing him make her smile, blush, and laugh like I use just ate me up inside. I know it may be to late to get her back but at least I can try. I just gotta get her back!


1. How Could He Do This To Me

Abby's POV
There I was again waiting by the phone. I was starting to get sick of the same routine everyday. I'd call Jason we'd fight and then I'd tell I'd hate him and hang up and then he'd call back a few mintutes later and apologize and I'd forgive him. Was this what all couples did? or was I just denying the fact that we obviously were not meant to be together? I just couldn't get around to letting myself let go of Jason we had been together since 6th Grade and to image myself not with him was just so unimaginable. It was 12:00 a.m. time to call him and see what excuse he has this time.

Jason's POV
My ringtone Missed Calls by Mac Miller started playing it was Abby calling again. I answered.
"Hey, um I thought we talked about having me wait by the phone like idiot?"
Dang she sounded pissed. "I'm sorry baby I just had to do some stuff with the guys and I totally forgot to call you I'm really sorry baby. I'll make it up to you I promise.
"Don't make promises you can't keep Jason."
"Baby I promise I'm not gonna break this one."
"Yeah, whatever! Why don't you just tell me your not gonna be able to call me tonight instead of having me wait like a idiot?"
"I just have too many things to do so I forget, I'm sorry babe I really am"
"That is just so you Jason! You know what I'm done! I mean it Jason! We're never ever getting back together!"
"Baby don't do..." before I could even finish my sentence I heard the click she had hung up.

Abby's POV
Why did he always have to do that to me? Why couldn't he just tell me he doesn't have time for me and just end it. We're both suffering so what the point I thought. Same Mistakes by One Direction started playing yup he was calling again. I didn't bother answering it I just threw my phone on my nightstand put in my headphones and put my iPod on full blast.

It was morning I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep. I grabbed my phone to check if he had called or texted me again. I had 16 missed calls and 53 text messages all from Jason of course that's what I loved about him that he never stopped trying to earn my forgiveness. I got up and got dressed and called him back. Like always I forgave him and everything was back to normal.

It was Noon, I had agreed to meet up with Jason for lunch but still no sign of him. I checked my phone constantly to see if there was any text messages that he was going to be late or something had happen. I tapped my fingers on the cafe table I was starting to get really impatient when I heard the door swing open I looked up in hopes of it being Jason nope instead it was a guy with nice curly hair, a cheeky smile that could make any girl melt, those beautiful blue eyes yup it was Harry Styles from One Direction. It was strange to see him here in a cafe without millions of screaming fans outside waiting for him to come out. I had totally forgot that I was waiting for Jason when he sat down in front of me. I snapped out of my staring gaze and came back to reality that Jason had me waiting at that cafe for hours.
"Where we're you? What took you do long?"
"Why you asking all them questions?"
"Well for one I want to know what was so much more important than me that my boyfriend had me waiting for?"
"Chill okay, I was just finishing up a job for my best friend."
"Oh so your best friend is more important than me?"
"Man I don't have time for this!" Jason started for the door.
"Don't walk away from Jason! Don't you...He was gone.
I sat back down, things were getting worse then between us.

Harry's POV
Wow that guy really seemed to be a jerk, treating that beautiful girl so wrong. Maybe I should go talk to her and comfort her. She seemed to be having a really bad day, she could use some cheering up.
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